Best Glock Sights

The Glock is known worldwide for its reliability and immense versatility. Its modular layout and ergonomic design have seen it become one of the most heavily utilized handguns by law enforcement and militaries across the globe.

The Glock has also become an incredibly popular choice of handgun for the everyday person, whether it is as an everyday carry or for home defense, the Glock has become a trustworthy companion. 

One area where the Glock receives criticism, however, is the sights. Composed of plastic, they are prone to breaking and don’t provide the best view.

These issues of durability and quality of view are concerning. You want your pistol to be as stress-free as possible, and you certainly don’t want it to break when you need it.

There is a solution, however! Swapping out the factory Glock sights for an aftermarket set can alleviate these problems with ease, putting your mind at rest and providing you with a newfound confidence in your Glock.

Within this article, we’ll run through what sights are best for your Glock.

Glock Sights Review

Trijicon HD XR Night Sight Set

The Trijicon HD XR Night Sight Set is a popular choice amongst those who own Glocks.

Its thinner front sight means that you have an expanded field of view, making it the perfect sight for longer distance engagement and easy target acquisition in high pressure situations.

In addition to this, thanks to Tritium sights on the front sight, these sights are perfect for dealing with situations in low-light or no-light situations. 

Concerns around the durability of these sights are dealt with easily, with the tritium light being contained in a rugged aluminum cylinder, with an additional silicone rubber seal, meaning that your sights won’t be affected by any dirt, dust, or cleaning solvents.

And whilst there may be a slight issue with sight proportions, the Trijicon HD XR Night Sight Set is certainly a reliable choice for your Glock.


  • Expanded Field of View – Thinner front post increases vision and makes target acquisition easy.
  • Tritium Sights – Help aid visibility in low-light situations. 


  • Durability: Cylinder protection helps keep sights durable.
  • Proportions: Rear sight may not be proportional to front sight dot, may impair sight picture.

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TRUGLO Tritium Night Set

The TRUGLO Tritium Night Set sights also provide an excellent option for those looking to upgrade their Glock sights.

The Swiss Tritium sights provide excellent brightness and visibility whilst aiming, and the compact design means that these sights do not change the dimensions from the original iron sights – allowing you to utilize standard Glock holsters. 

These sights also feature a Focus Lock Ring, providing an increased front sight contrast that will help you acquire the front sight in your peripheral vision faster.

Unfortunately, these sights are not compatible with Glock’s MOS pistols, meaning they are suited for Glocks previous to 2015.


  • Night Sights – The tritium sights make these perfect for a defensive handgun.
  • Holster Suitable – The compact design means that you can keep using your standard holster.
  • Focus Lock Ring – Increased sight focus aids in easy front sight acquisition when aiming.


  • Incompatible with MOS – Only suitable for Glock Gens 1-3.

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Another offering from TRUGLO, however, these TFX Pro sights provide next-level performance and are one of the top-spec choices on the market.

Featuring sealed capsule design makes the Swiss Tritium sights nearly indestructible, whilst providing incredibly clear accuracy.

The extra protection does mean that the brightness of the Tritium is slightly lower than its competitors, but it still excels in dark conditions. 

Additionally, the TFX Pro also maintains similar dimensions to traditional Glock sights, meaning no change of Holster is needed, and the sights are also designed to provide the user with the ability to manipulate the slide one-handed – perfect for tense situations. 


  • Durability – The sealed capsule technology means that your sights won’t suffer even in the toughest conditions.
  • Slide Manipulation – The option to manipulate the slide one-handed can make all the difference in engagements.
  • Sizing – Despite the sights, your Glock will still fit its regular holster. 


  • Brightness – The extra protection means that the TFX Pro doesn’t provide the brightness that its competitors do. 

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AmeriGlo Pro-IDOT

The AmeriGlo Pro-IDOT sights provide a slightly different configuration and are an excellent choice for those looking for something outside the norm.

Its dot-on-dot configuration is certainly a unique feature, and one that provides you with quick vertical alignment and easy target acquisition when aiming down sight. 

The front sight also features a Tritium dot, providing an excellent contrast between sights and makes it much easier to focus.

In addition to this, the Pro-IDOT also has a slim profile, and despite its sharp edges posing a slight problem, it still manages to be a suitable addition to your everyday carry.


  • IDOT Configuration – The unique configuration provides a different option than the standard 3-dot sight.
  • Tritium Sight – The Tritium front sight means a better contrast and makes it easier to focus. 
  • Slim Profile – The slim profile makes your Glock easy to draw and lighter.


  • Sharp Edges – The sights edges may be sharp and require some filing to prevent injury or damage to clothing or holsters. 

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Vogel Dynamics Robert Vogel World Champion Sights

Designed by a world champion shooter, the Vogel Dynamics World Champion Sights feature an interesting combination of width and depth at the right site that allows for an easy acquisition of targets whilst aiming, and allows for better accuracy when firing at higher speeds. 

Meanwhile, the front sight is fiber optic, providing an excellent contrast and pinpoint accuracy.

Durability isn’t an issue either, with the sights featuring a nitrated finish, preventing any rust that may occur and ensuring the sights are extremely durable.

The sights do suffer slightly due to its incompatibility with MOS Glocks, and are also difficult to install due to factory sizing, and may require some filing before they fit as wanted.


  • Rear Sights – The build of the rear sights allows for unparalleled target acquisition.
  • Fiber Optic Front Sight – Allows for pinpoint accuracy when aiming.
  • Material – Nitrated finish as well as being composed of steel makes the sights extremely durable.


  • MOS Incompatibility – These sights are incompatible with MOS Glocks, meaning they are best suited for Glocks up to Generation 4. 
  • Difficult to Install –  The sights may require some filing in order for them to fit as expected.

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AmeriGlo GL506

The AmeriGlo GL506 sights provide a very different option to the other sights featured, with its all-black design, and no painted dots, Tritium, or fiber optic.

What these sights provide is a total no nonsense design for those who want to simply an upgrade in durability from the traditional plastic sights, with these sights being composed of steel. 

In addition to this extra durability, this sight is perfect for backing up or co-witnessing red dot optic sights. These sights also fit all Glock models, as well as those featuring the MOS.

Their simplistic design also makes them affordable too. This simplicity means that these sights are best used in bright conditions or as a backup to other optics, however. 


  • Durability – Steel construction means these sights are more reliable than the standard Glock sights.
  • MOS Compatible – These sights are suitable for any Glock, including those using MOS.
  • Cost – The simplicity also means these sights are an affordable option for those looking for an upgrade.


  • Versatility – Due to its simplicity, these are probably best reserved for backup sights or to co-witness other optics. 

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Trijicon GL05 Bright & Tough

The Trijicon GL05 ‘Bright & Tough’ sights provide a no-frills, no-nonsense option for those looking for sights that will perform reliably every time.

These sights feature a simple 3-dot system, with two painted dots on the rear sight, and a singular, larger dot on the front sight, allowing for rapid target acquisition and better focus than the standard Glock sights. 

Furthermore, due to these sights not containing any Fiber Optic or Tritium, they are also a more budget friendly option. Another great feature of the sights is their construction.

Being composed of steel, it makes them much more rugged than the factory Glock sights, and can alleviate the worries of breaking that come with the standard plastic sights.

However, it should be noted that these sights are not night sights, and are unsuitable for dark or low-light conditions. Regardless, they are still a great choice. 


  • 3-Dot System – Quick target acquisition and excellent focus.
  • Budget Friendly –  No Tritium or Fiber Optic means that these sights will be nicer to your wallet.
  • Durability – Being composed of steel, these sights are less prone to damage than the standard plastic Glock sights. 


  • Visibility – Not intended for low-light or no-light situations, might not be suited for a defensive weapon. 

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XS Sights 3 Dot Tritium Night Set Sights

The final set of sights we’ll cover in this article, the XS Sights 3 Dot Tritium Night Set Sights provide a night sight alternative to the previous offering.

With both the rear sights and the front sights containing self-illuminating Tritium for optimal visibility in low-light settings, and a photoluminescent dot on the front sight, this product ensures high contrast visibility in bright light.

Although the brightness may suffer slightly, it is easy to see why these are such a popular choice amongst Glock owners. 

In addition to this, the rear sights feature a small lip, allowing for one-handed usage!

The sights are composed of a steel alloy, which despite being malleable, is certainly stronger than the factory plastic sights. These sights are also able to fit all generations of Glock – including MOS models!


  • Tritium Sights – Self-illuminating Tritium sights ensure optimal visibility in low light and bright settings.
  • MOS Compatible – Unlike many of its competitors, these sights are compatible with MOS Glocks. 
  • One-Handed Usage – The small lip on the rear sights means that the user can manipulate the slide one-handed.


  • Construction – Despite being more durable than plastic, the steel alloy may be prone to denting due to its malleable nature. 
  • Brightness – It should be noted that the Tritium is somewhat dimmer than other Tritium sights on the market.

Buyer’s Guide

When looking at purchasing new sights for your Glock, it is important to understand what you are looking for in your new sights, things to consider include the purpose of your Glock (Is it any everyday carry? A Home defense weapon?

A competitive shooting gun?), the sort of conditions you’ll be using your Glock in (Will it be dirty? Dusty? Low-light?), and your budget (Are you looking for a simple iron sight

Or do you want something that uses Tritium or Fiber Optic?). 

These are all factors that will correlate to what sort of features you will need on your new sights.

This handy buyer’s guide should help highlight some key features to look out for when browsing through the seemingly infinite number of Glock sights available to you on the market.


One of the biggest problems with factory Glock sights is their construction. Since they’re made of plastic, they’re often prone to damage.

Therefore, when purchasing new sights for your Glock, it’s often best to opt for sights constructed of metal – especially steel.

Some steels may even feature a coating, such as a nitrated coating – which can help prevent rusting. Alloyed Steels are more durable than plastic, but are also prone to denting if struck too often.

Therefore, it is important to pay close attention to what sights are composed of when considering buying them! 

Tritium, Fiber Optic, And Painted Sights

When browsing through various types of sights, it can become confusing as to what’s best.

As a rule, basic painted sights are suited for general usage in clear visible conditions, fiber optic sights are incredibly versatile, and can be used in any sort of setting, from bright-light to low-light settings.

However, fiber optic sights are somewhat better suited to long range firing. Finally, Tritium can work in both bright and low-light settings, but works best the darker it gets thanks to its glow-in-the-dark ability.

So before buying, it’s important to consider what sort of conditions you’ll be using your Glock in. 

MOS Compatibility

Another aspect to consider when purchasing new Glock sights is whether the sights are MOS compatible.

If your Glock is a Generation 5, then the likelihood is that it is an MOS Glock, and you should ensure that the sights you’re looking to buy are compatible with your model. 


If you’re planning on swapping out the old sights from your Glock to a new aftermarket set, it is important to note that there are some tools you will require before you can do this!

The front sight requires a specialized driver that takes the tiny nut from the front sight and allows you to remove the old sight, despite being specialized, they are relatively easy to come by. 

Meanwhile, the rear sight requires an immense amount of force to be pushed on. Do not be tempted to hammer your sights, as this can damage them, especially if they are fiber optic or Tritium.

There are sight-pushing tools available that should aid in this process to make it easier. 

Frequently Asked Questions

There are some common questions that come up when browsing through Glock sights – and gun sights in general – hopefully, this FAQ should help answer those questions. 

What Is Tritium?

Tritium is a slightly radioactive material that produces low-intensity light, meaning that it won’t give away your position.

This glow can last for a long time and requires zero electricity and is perfect for dim-lit environments. However, it is not as useful in daylight or bright environments. 

What Is Fiber Optic?

A Fiber Optic is a thin strand of plastic, which light is transmitted through. This light is transmitted by trapping ambient light throughout its length.

Its small size and ability to light up make it perfect for use in a gun sight, and is much more preferable to iron sights when it comes to shooting in low-light settings. 

What Is MOS?

‘MOS’ stands for ‘Modular Optic System’ – a system developed by Glock engineers to help simplify the mounting of optic sights on Glock pistols.

With a rise in the number of people opting to add aftermarket sights and optics to their pistols, Glock felt it would be beneficial to help simplify this process.

The MOS system was first introduced in 2015, to the 4th generation of the Glock pistol family. 

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