5.11 Men’s ATAC 2.0 6″ Tactical Side Zip Military Boots Review

We all need a sturdy pair of boots, and it goes double ways if you are a military man or someone who spends a lot of time in the rough weather. When looking for a quality pair of footwear, you should focus on a pair that will keep your feet warm and prevent them from blistering. Not only that, but a good pair of boots must keep your feet dry. This doesn’t seem like a lot to ask if you are looking at models from high-quality brands such as 5.11, Skechers Men’s, Danner Men’s, or ALAEDER Men’s.

To help you find the best product for you, we present you with our 5.11 Men’s ATAC 2.0 6″ Tactical Side Zip Military Boots review, advertised as perfect for camping enthusiasts, men on patrol, or anyone working in law enforcement.

Throughout this article, we will cover the product description, feature helpful information on their highlighted features, and cover the advantages and potential downsides of investing in this product. Let’s get to it!

5.11 Men’s ATAC 2.0 6″ Tactical Side-Zip Military Boots

These 6-inch military and tactical boots are highly adaptable due to their high-quality nylon upper and non-slip synthetic soles. Apart from the non-slip sole, these boots include an internal zipper that makes them easy to take on and take off.

The boots also feature a full-grain suede toe, an inner antibacterial and moisture-wicking lining, an 840D nylon upper-lighter weight top, a cushioned insole foam, and a shock-reducing system. The 6-inch ATAC boots are very popular with special tactical forces and law enforcement boots worldwide because they are so easy to put on and take off. Furthermore, these are made with the same level of durability as other tactical boots.

Who Is This Product For?

First and foremost, we would recommend a pair of ATAC 2.0 boots to anyone who is working on a patrol or is part of law enforcement. The enhanced comfort and versatility of these boots are just extraordinary.

In addition to that, the sturdy high-top design, accompanied by a rugged suede upper, ensures that these can be worn by camping and outdoor enthusiasts facing different outdoor conditions. In addition to that, we consider these boots to be ideal for those of you who have foot aches or flat feet, given the freedom of motion and extra protection that the boots offer.

Most importantly, they are a pair of boots that come at a reasonable price. This means that they are a suitable option if you are on a tight budget but don’t want to miss out on the maximum comfort and durability of sturdy military boots.

What’s Included?

Not surprisingly, there aren’t a lot of fancy accessories. Apart from the pair of boots made from innovative fabrics with improved comfort and durable construction, you are getting an extra pair of laces and a box where you can store the ATAC 2.0 6″ boots when you are not wearing them.

Overview of Features

Strong cowhide leather is used to make these military boots. The quality fabrics, nylon upper, and the 840D ballistic nylon in the shaft section provide strength and flexibility to the footwear. With a lighter weight of under 700 grams for each shoe, the strengthened Strobel upper construction and cushioned shaft offer a comfortable fit for long days.

The lace only has to be tied once because the zipper allows you to put it on and take it off in seconds. Property guards and hunters who have to run a lot at work can benefit from the tactical boots as security shoes. Hikers, campers, and dog owners enjoy their free time because these ankle-high boots keep their feet cool and dry on muddy paths. One of the most remarkable points is that the 5.11 includes a hidden knife pocket that you can consider part of the duty gear needed for a mission or if you are out on a hiking trail. 

An Ortholite Achilles heel flex zone is included in the Ortholite footbed to allow a greater range of motion. The YKK side zipper is one of our favorites since it makes removing the boots a breeze. Thankfully, this pair can keep the water out since we haven’t had any water infiltration thus far. The slip-resistant outsoles are the most significant aspect since they provide excellent traction in all weather. We live in a wet location and have never had a slippage problem. The boots, interestingly, have a shock mitigation system for rugged protection.

The all-terrain that works as an anti-slip outsole ensures that you can walk and run on a variety of surfaces without the risk of tripping or slipping. Not only that, but you won’t feel as much foot fatigue due to the dual foam footbed, which enhances the overall comfort of the ATAC 2.0 6″ boots. The smooth lining will keep your feet cool and warm even while standing still for lengthy periods due to adequate moisture transmission. In the summer, the innovative airflow tongue with breathable construction acts as an air conditioner and antimicrobial treatment. 

It boasts robust laces and bronze eyelets, which contribute significantly to safety, along with the thin sheet steel midsole. The non-slip contoured PU sole, which is required for work shoes, can tolerate pools of oil and gasoline. Because the boot is half-height, it’s ideal for tactical sports like airsoft and paintball, but the soft tactical boots also provide ankle support which makes these boots ideal for more strenuous activities.

The only issue? While it covers a wide range of sizes, you should be careful when picking your size. If you want to get extra comfort, it is better to go with one size over your usual size. Other than that, we would recommend a sturdy, reasonably priced product as a perfect pair to start with or as a secure second pair if you already have your favorite jungle boots. 

How to Use it

Same as you would with any other military boots, once you put the boots on, simply tie the laces, draw the YKK side zipper upsides. One of the best aspects of this boot is that you don’t need to untie the laces when you want to take them off. Simply pull the side zipper down and remove your boots.


  • A reasonable price for a top star rating
  • Incredibly sturdy, with a rugged, breathable suede toe
  • Thoughtful design is very comfortable to wear
  • Available in a wide variety of sizes
  • Innovative fabrics wick away any moisture for maximum airflow
  • Ideal for camping, patrol, and law enforcement


  • The sizes can differ from other forms of footwear


Bates Men’s Ultra Lites Tactical Sport Side-Zip Boot

These men’s Ultra Lites are incredibly light, as the product detail says, and can be worn anywhere from the forests to the streets. The detachable and replaceable cushioned insoles are another feature you’ll like on these combat boots. They include an oil-resistant outsole and a slip-resistant sole so that you won’t fall. What sets these Ultra Lites apart from the rest? These include a side zipper, making them even more convenient to wear.

Wrap Up

We would recommend the 5.11 Men’s ATAC 2.0 6″ Tactical Side-Zip Military Boots to anyone on a regular budget who wants to invest in sturdy and comfortable cold-weather boots. Suitable to be worn for camping, patrols, and law enforcement missions, the ATAC 2.0 are boots that can last you for years.

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