Are G-Shocks Waterproof?

G-shock watches are renowned for being incredibly durable despite the way that they’re built.

This is because they are built to withstand difficult environments, are brilliant for military training. Nonetheless, a common question regarding these watches is whether they are waterproof or not?

Are G-Shocks Waterproof

The answer to this is, yes, all g-shock watches are built with water resistance of approximately 200 meters.

Therefore, because these watches are water-resistant in 200 meters of water, they are the watch of choice for many athletes. 

However, being water-resistant is not the same as being waterproof.

Many people confuse these terms, and this is why they assume that they can consistently shower in their g-shock and drop it into water on a regular basis without causing any damage.

In the instance that you drop your g-shock into a basin of water, it will retain a satisfactory level of resistance without becoming damaged. However, this doesn’t mean that it is waterproof. 

This is because, for an item to be considered ‘waterproof’, it needs to be 100% resistant to water.

G-shock watches are only resistant to water with a depth of 200 meters, which means that they are not totally waterproof.

Therefore, despite their durability, they are considered to be water-resistant and not waterproof. 

Is Water Resistance Sufficient? 

Now that we have established that these watches are water-resistant and not waterproof, you may wonder how much resistance they provide.

It is important to note that 200 m of water-resistant is sufficient in most cases, as this means that your watch can be taken out into rainy conditions whilst also being worn during swimming sessions.

It is worth considering that the majority of recreational divers will only dive in water of 40 meters, which means that a g-shock is perfectly appropriate to wear when you are casually swimming. 

Despite the fact that these watches are resistant up to 200 meters, this doesn’t mean that you should test their durability by taking them that far.

This is because there are numerous factors involved that stretch far beyond any form of resistance rating.

Many people are unaware of ISO certification when purchasing their watch.

There is a stark difference between a watch being ISO certified for water resistance and merely rated as being water-resistant. So what does an ISO certification indicate? 

If a g-shock is ISO accredited for being water resistant, then it can be considered a dive-appropriate watch.

Watches that have this form of certification will usually contain the word ‘diver’ within their description.

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The g-shock watch that has this certification is the ‘frogman’ and thus, if you are intending to use your watch for diving purposes, then this is the best g-shock to purchase. 

If a watch only has a water resistance rating as opposed to ISO certification, then you may experience issues with your watch being underwater.

It can be hard to determine for sure whether your watch will be appropriately resistant or not, however, the depth of watch that you are going into should give you a clear indication as to whether you will experience any issues.

Some watches just shouldn’t be kept underwater for lengthy periods of time. 

Therefore, many watches may be deemed to be water-resistant. However, their buttons can become damaged whenever pressed underwater.

This is because pressing the buttons may cause water to leak into the device.

It is also important to note that salt water can be incredibly damaging to some ‘water-resistant’ watches and as such, you may want to avoid swimming in the sea with a water-resistant watch on. 

On the whole, g-shocks should be OK to swim with. Those who have used these watches for underwater purposes include scuba divers and lifeguards.

The vast majority of users do not report any issues regarding using their g-shock watches in water.

However, it is important to bear in mind that if your watch is not ISO certified, there is no guarantee that it will be entirely water-resistant.

This is because, if a watch has a certified ISO rating, then none of these issues should occur as the buttons will be wholly resistant.

This is true for water of any depth up until 200 m or whatever the watch is specifically rated for.

The frogman is a watch that is ISO certified and as such, you will never need to worry about the possibility of water damage if you use this item within the specified depth of water. 


To conclude, g-shock watches are classified as water-resistant and not waterproof.

This is because the average g-shock is water-resistant to depths of 200 m, however, it is not 100% waterproof beyond these limitations.

The majority of g-shock users will use their watches within water and thus, it is important to select the correct watch to suit their individual needs.

If you are a hardcore diver, the frogman is the best g-shock for you, despite it being more expensive than other forms of g-shock.

As always, you should thoroughly research these watches prior to making any hasty purchases in order to determine the best g-shock for you.

Whilst 200 m of water resistance should be more than adequate for most users, this may not be the case for those who are eager to engage in deep sea diving or any other form of extreme sport.

Ascertaining whether your g-shock is ISO accredited is the easiest way to determine whether it is the right choice for you. 

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