Best MOLLE Mag Pouches

One of the most important things when one is out and about doing adventurous outdoor activities, especially with guns of any type, is having space for ammunition and not having to struggle with a heavy backpack the whole time. That’s why MOLLE mag pouches were invented. These pouches allow one to carry a wide range of magazines so that they can always be ready for whatever is thrown their way.

There are a lot of different options when it comes to MOLLE mag pouches. So we thought it would be helpful to take a look at some of the best MOLLE mag pouches available today.

MOLLE Mag Pouches Reviews

Tacticon Pistol Mag Pouch

This Kangaroo magazine pouch comes in a wide array of sizes, from single to triple mag pouch. The pouches are designed to be able to handle both rifle and pistol magazines. Because of this, there is a lot of versatility in investing in this MOLLE mag pouch. 


Not only is this magazine pouch constructed with high-quality, durable combat-ready materials, but it is also designed by people who understand what is necessary for a high-performance tactical product. Designed with heavy-duty, durable nylon material, the magazine pouch can stand up to just about anything. They are also available in a wide range of sizes and colors, so the individual looking to invest in these will have an elevated level of versatility available to them.

Whether you’re looking for a pistol mag pouch or a rifle mag pouch, this option from Tacticon is an excellent choice. Starting from the military-style mag pouches’ ultimate design, you have to look at the materials and the attention to details like stitching that elevate the quality of the product. The utilization of sharp chords and fabric heightens the durability. But maybe the best thing about this is the versatility. Not only is it able to be used with a wide range of calibers when it comes to rifles and pistols, but it also offers the ability to be mounted to a wide range of tactical vests. Also key is the use of high-quality elastic bungee cords that offer excellent retention and keep your magazine secure.

There are, however, some concerns that have been voiced by some. Perhaps the biggest issue for most is that there seems to be inconsistent quality control between the models. Though the design and materials are high-quality, the attention to detail is sometimes lacking at the end of the manufacturing process, which some have found affects the product’s durability. Also, for those dealing with a .308 caliber magazine, you’ll find that this is not the best option as it will not accommodate the size.


  • Designed with the same level of quality when it comes to materials and stitching as a military-style mag pouch
  • Utilizes sharp chords in fabric to improve the durability
  • Mag pouch falls down for enhanced storage capability
  • The elastic bungee cords included in the design are easy to adjust and very secure


  • Some have found inconsistent quality control between models
  • Pouches are not capable of being used with .308 magazines

ELVO Tactical Triple Mag Pouch

The next rifle and pistol mag pouch is designed to be able to hold multiple magazines from different caliber weapons while being easy to access. This could very well be the perfect mag pouch for those that are involved in highly active and tactical outdoor hobbies like Airsoft or paintball.


The magazine pouch is designed in an open-top form and comes in either double mag pouch or triple mag pouch options. With the use of military-grade nylon, the designers ensured the pouches are tear and wear-resistant, offering a heightened level of durability. Along with this, they crafted them to be used with any MOLLE  system design. That means that these pouches can be easily attached to a chest rig or belt system without much fuss.

All of that, coupled with the inclusion of the snap buttons, serves to make the retention levels of this pouch even better. These are just a few of the features that make this system so great. With the inclusion of high-quality nylon material, the system offers heightened durability. A couple of awesome features, though, take this pouch to all-new levels. One of these is the gravity drainage holes that make this model stand out. Those are crafted so that your ammunition can stay dry even during the wet season.

There are a few issues to be addressed, however. The first is that there are limited sizes available when it comes to the sizing of the magazine compatibility. On top of that, some have found that the straps for the MOLLE system are a bit too long and may be cumbersome in the heat of battle. 


  • Magazine pouches are easy to access for quick retrieval of ammunition
  • Bungee cables offer a great level of retention, keeping your magazine secure
  • Flips are designed with Velcro to help improve retention
  • Crafted with gravity drainage holes to keep extra magazines dry and all times


  • Limited size availability 
  • Some have found the MOLLE straps to be too long

WOLF Tactical Mag Pouch

The next tactical mag pouch is a versatile unit that can be attached to a wide range of MOLLE designs and different kinds of vests. This makes it versatile not only in use but also in where it can be used to improve functional performance.


This durable magazine pouch is outfitted with a lot of outstanding features. Crafted with an open-top mag pouch design, it is primarily used as a rifle pouch. This weather-resistant nylon belt is outfitted with a smart MOLLE attachment system that encompasses adjustable elastic retention bands and snap buttons for heightened security. But these are just a few of the exciting features included in this pouches design. 

There are even more amazing features, such as the elastic straps that attach to the MOLLE system, that are crucially important to the value proposition of this pouch. The inclusion of these high-quality elastic straps helps build rock-solid retention so that your ammunition is secure at all times. That, along with the bungee cords, makes this one of the most secure pouches available. Because of all these wonderful features, the value is relatively high with regard to the price tag on the pouch.

That being said, this pistol pouch is not perfect by any stretch of the imagination. For those who like to utilize PMAGS, you may find that some of them offer quite a tight fit, and the pouches are not super flexible. Along with this, when you will get your kit set up, you may find that it hangs a bit uneven. However, you may be able to figure out a way to fix this problem with a few simple additions.


  • Elastic straps of the MOLLE system have rock-solid retention keeping your magazines secure
  • Price vs. value makes it an ideal mag pouch for those on a tight budget
  • Designed to be able to be used with a wide range of tactical vests
  • Utilizes adjustable elastic bungee cords for a higher level of retention


  • Some have found it difficult to deal with PMAGS due to the stiffness and tightness of the pouches
  • There are also issues with the evenness of the hang of the kit once the MOLLE straps are attached

Gonex Open Top Design Mag Pouch

This next kangaroo magazine pouch has a ton of exciting features that are all crafted to make it an excellent choice for almost anyone. From law enforcement agencies to the simple paintballer, this pistol pouch will fit on a wide range of tactical belts as well as tactical vests.


This pistol mag pouch is designed to be a triple mag pouch and crafted well enough to be a competition magazine pouch. When it comes to the durability of this open tap mag pouch, it starts with the use of a 1000D polyester material. This material gives it a tear and wear-resistant capability that sets it apart from the rest. The pouches are also outfitted with a MOLLE design that can fit pretty much any system.

All these features are amazing but where this double product outshines others is in the retention field. Designed with snap loops and elastic bungee cords, there is never a doubt that your magazines will always be secure. Having your magazines secure means you don’t have to worry about running out of ammo even when you’re in the heat of the moment. Along with this, those adjustable bungee cords are easily used and the product has detailed stitchwork to ensure that every pouch is the same size. The easy open-top mag pouch design also makes it simple for ammunition retrieval.

Though you can rest assured that your ammunition is always secure, it could be more secure. The design lacks Velcro or decent snaps to make the system able to hold the magazines better. Along with this, for those who choose to shoot M14s, you will find that these pouches are not designed to handle that magazine style.


  • Crafted with stiff insecure MOLLE attachment straps
  • Designed with detail-oriented stitch work for perfectly even sizes
  • Adjustable bungee cords are easy to use
  • Constructed with thick and durable materials for improved longevity
  • Easy-open top mag pouch design for quick retrieval


  • Not outfitted with Velcro or decent snaps to make the MOLLE system more secure
  • Those that use an M14 will find at the mags do not fit in the pouches

IDOGEAR Triple Mag Pouch

This triple kangaroo mag pouch style with MOLLE attachments is designed for both rifle magazines as well as pistol magazines. It comes with a plethora of amazing features that are designed to enhance performance and usability.


With different types of pouches and rifle and pistol magazines, individuals have to find a versatile option when looking to invest their money. This mag pouch is designed utilizing high-quality nylon fabric and webbing to ensure durability that stands up to whatever activity you are using it for. Along with this, it uses a drawstring-like closure to secure the magazines. This is done by incorporating elastic bands that snap over the top of the magazine.

This elastic strap style closure is not the only exciting detail of this pouch that makes it such a good investment. Everything from the low profile design to the side elastic cloth is included to help reload cycle time. Along with the versatility of the attachment capabilities and the stacker design, this pouch offers a heightened level of comfort when it comes to use. There should be no worry about retention levels either, as the adjustable bungee cords can be easily used to ensure magazines are secure in their place.

Unfortunately, a few things may cause some to opt out of choosing this as their go-to MOLLE pouch. The first is that the product does not come with magazine samples, which may mean that they can potentially lose their shape. Another issue is that the system is set up to be stacked in line with each other, and some feel that a staggered placement would make the retrieval of ammunition even easier.


  • Due to the easy low profile design and side elastic cloth, reload cycle time is reduced
  • Capable of being attached to any MOLLE webbing tactical vest, backpack, or bag
  • Crafted with a stacker design that means you can use one pouch or multiple in combination with each other
  • Designed with adjustable bungee cord closures to ensure the magazines are secure


  • Some feel they would be better off if they were staggered instead of straight across for easier retrieval
  • The product does not come with the magazine samples

Final Thoughts

Depending on the size, magazines will fit into these pouches in different ways. The one thing you want to look at is to find compatible gear for your system and your tactical style. This means you have to look at features of these pouches like retention rates, the tensile strength of the fabric, and in the end, try to find the lightest mag pouch possible. By looking at some of the best small pouches on the market, we hope we have helped.


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