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When you are out in the great outdoors, you may be involved in activities that require extra equipment to be available at all times. Most people, though, don’t want to have to add the heavy burden of a backpack, and that’s why a high-quality tactical belt is a necessity. These belts are designed with durable webbing and buckles to be able to stand up to the rigors of the great outdoors. 

There is a wide range of excellent tactical belts available, and with that, we wanted to look at a few of the best tactical belts on the market today.

Tactical Belt Reviews

JUKMO Tactical Belt

The first tactical belt on this list is a 1.5″ nylon web heavy duty military-style belt. It comes with a wealth of practical features that will improve one’s ability to carry extra equipment.


With durability in mind, the designers at JUKMO opted to use 100% high-quality nylon that gives the belt a high level of stretch to improve the coverage. The belt is finished with a heavy-duty buckle constructed of aluminum alloy. This makes it durable and lightweight for better movement. Along with these great features, many more make this tactical belt stand out.

Starting with the reliable belt’s basic design, which is thin and wide, this belt has many great design features. The ergonomic design is founded on an everyday belt-like structure which makes it perfect for even the most basic outdoor activities like hiking.

Along with this, the durable nylon fabric is also stretchable, which makes the belt more comfortable. Though it uses a lightweight aluminum alloy for its quick-release belt buckle, this allowed for it to be even more comfortable. On top of that, the buckle is easily adjusted. All of this combined creates a high level of customer satisfaction.

With all that being said, there are still a few issues that need to be addressed before making any final decision regarding this tactical belt. The wider belt does allow for more space to carry things. It also means that you may find it challenging to put the belt through everyday pants and their belt loops. Along with this, the nylon stretch enhances comfort, but it also tends to come with a little bit of too much stretch. That means that some have found the belt to loosen with wear.


  • The quick-release buckle is designed to be easily adjusted
  • The durable nylon fabric used in construction adds stretch for a more comfortable fit
  • It is designed to be thin and wide like an everyday belt and perfect for hiking
  • It includes a heavy-duty belt that offers a high level of customer satisfaction thanks to the premium grade materials used in its construction


  • It is a wider belt and one may find that it is difficult to put through the belt loops of everyday wear pants
  • Some have found the elasticity of the nylon material used in the belt leads to a bit of stretch after extended use

Tacticon Battle Belt

This next battle belt is a solid choice for those looking for high-quality tactical equipment. Not only is it a heavy-duty option, but it comes from a company that is owned by veterans who know what an excellent tactical belt should be.


The battle belt is constructed utilizing 1000D nylon and is finished with a quick-release buckle. The buckle itself is crafted in durable metal. It comes with a lifetime warranty because the designers know that they have crafted it utilizing premium-grade materials for improved durability.

There is so much that can be said about this survival belt. Everything about this design indicates a long-lasting life, from the high-quality nylon fabric used in its construction to the premium-grade metal cobra belt buckle. On top of this, the design includes a padded interior as well as reinforced stitching.

The padded interior will keep the belt from slipping during strenuous activities and the reinforced stitching is intended to enhance durability. But maybe the best thing about this belt is the adjustable MOLLE loops. The inclusion of this design allows for more carrying capacity. In fact, the belt can carry over 100 pounds of extra gear.

Unfortunately, though there are a lot of great features included in this design, there are a few issues that some may find to be deal-breakers. The first is that though the inclusion of a MOLLE system is excellent, the execution of the process may not have been. This system is designed with laser cutting, which tends to be less durable than other options. Lastly, the sizing does run a little bit off. The belt tends to run larger, so you’re going to want to size down to ensure you get the right fit.


  • It is designed with a metal cobra buckle for improved durability
  • It is crafted with MOLLE loops for more carrying capability (over 100 pounds)
  • It comes with a lifetime warranty when it comes to durability
  • It includes a durable belt that is designed with a padded interior and reinforced stitching for reduced slippage and enhanced sturdiness


  • To find the exact size, one may have to size down as the belt tends to run large
  • Some find the laser-cut MOLLE system to be less than durable

KRYDEX Heavy Duty Tactical Belt

This quick-release rigger belt comes with MOLLE attachment capability and other technical features that enhance the performance of the belt. For this reason, it is an excellent option for a wide range of individuals.


This belt is designed with a 1.75-inch wide belt band and comes with a quick-release metal clip closure. Along with this, it also includes a double stiffened MOLLE system that the wearer can utilize for extra magazine pouches and tactical gear necessary for the activity you are taking part in. One can choose between a good selection of color options as well so that you can match the rest of your gear if that’s something that is important to you. No matter what color options one goes with, choosing this comfortable belt is an excellent choice.

The nylon material used in this belt is rigid and crafted so that there would be improved durability to the belt. When it comes to the actual belt design, the designers opted to use a MOLLE webbing so that the individual would have more organization capability as well as storage capability. That coupled with the loop backing means that not only would they have more places to store extra tactical gear, but they would not have to worry as much about losing that gear thanks to the firmer attachment. On top of this, it would make the belt much more comfortable to wear because of this added backing. Not only is this belt more comfortable, but it is easy to take on and off thanks to the inclusion of a quick-release buckle.

This feature may sound impressive, but unfortunately, there are still a few issues that some take with this belt. The quick-release belt buckle is unique and makes for easy use. However, that buckle is constructed of a lower-grade material. This means that it is not as durable as other options. Also, there is the fact that the belt runs extremely small.


  • It is designed with a quick-release buckle for easy removal
  • It is crafted with loop-backing that creates a firm attachment and a more comfortable fit
  • MOLLE webbing is included in the design to help with increased organization
  • The belt is constructed utilizing very rigid belt material for improved durability


  • Many have found the belt tends to fit extremely small, so one will need to try it on or size up
  • The belt buckle is constructed using a lower-grade material

FAIRWIN Military Tactical Belt

The following tactical belt is a military-style riggers belt that is outfitted with a quick-release metal buckle. This belt might be a good option for those that like to hit the gun range as well as those who like to do any type of tactical outdoor adventures.


This casual web belt is designed with high-quality nylon material and is finished with a buckle closure of heavy-duty material. The inclusion of both of these materials makes this a quick-release, easily adjustable, and breathable belt for any type of tactical situation. It is so well designed that it is perfect for a wide range of people, including security guards, military personnel, and individuals that have the ability to carry every day. The belt comes in a wide range of fantastic colors and with a two-year warranty.

The belt is simple when it comes to design and offers extreme durability. Everything from the quick-release belt, which operates like a seatbelt, to the quick-drying materials used in the construction gives this belt the ability to say it is one of the best on the market today. The belt is created with a 1000D nylon material. It is flexible and comfortable while being able to fit easily through belt loops, even standard jeans loops. The tactical belt buckle is easy to operate and durable. But maybe the best thing is the V-ring equipment attachment which is finished with the velcro strap for a more secure fit.

Even with that, there are still a few flaws that the company could address to improve the overall performance. Though the metal buckle design is easy to use, it does offer a few challenges, as many have found that they have to remove the buckle when changing pants. Along with this, the nylon used has an elastic quality to it, and this does tend to stretch out after extended periods of wear.


  • It is designed with 1000D nylon for increased flexibility and comfort
  • It is crafted with a 1.5 inch-wide belt that fits standard jeans loops as well as other pants
  • The metal tactical belt buckle included is easy to operate and also durable
  • It is finished with a Velcro strap and V-ring equipment attachment for a more secure fit


  • The metal buckle design may require one to remove the buckle when changing pants
  • Some find that the materials used in the construction of this tactical belt stretch after wear

CQR Military Tactical Riggers Belt

The last belt on the list is a military-style heavy-duty belt that is simple but effective. For those looking for a budget-friendly belt, this may be the best choice for them. 


This tactical belt is crafted using 100% nylon and is finished with a flip closure belt. It uses a single-layer webbing in order to ensure that the belt is lightweight yet rip-resistant. Designed like a regular belt, this product is perfect for all kinds of tactical situations. The belt buckle is designed using high-density plastic, making it even more lightweight and able to pass through metal detectors without setting it off.

When it comes to the features that really make this belt stand out, one has to look at the materials used in its construction. They may not be the highest quality, but they are decent. Because of lower quality material, the price point is much more budget-friendly. The overall design of this belt is fashioned after a military-style design, making it easy to use and super effective for a lot of different activities. It also comes in a wide range of sizes and has versatile usability. It is designed to be able to carry multiple packs for improved storage capacity.

But also, due to the use of lower quality materials, the belt has a shorter lifespan. Along with this, the plastic belt buckle is also lower-quality, which means a shorter lifespan of usability.


  • It is designed with decent materials and offers a budget-friendly price tag
  • It features a military design that is simple yet effective for a wide range of outdoor adventures
  • It comes in a wide range of size options for a more versatile usability
  • The belt comes in a multi-pack design for enhanced storage capacity


  • It is not crafted with the highest quality materials so some have found the belt to be less than durable
  • Designed with plastic which leads to more chance of the accessory breaking

Final Thoughts

No matter which of the above military belts you choose, you will be making an excellent choice. Each offers a level of extra comfort and extra durability through the use of quality materials. But for those who are looking for military belts that include extra space to hold things like ammunition pouches, there may be one that is better than the other. Hopefully, our look at these options has helped in some way.


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