Best Thermal Scope

If you are looking for the best thermal scope for your weapon then you have certainly come to the right place. Finding an affordable and reliable scope can be very hard, but it is not impossible!

In fact we have compiled a list of the five best thermal scopes with pros and cons for each. This way you will be able to weigh up every option and the pros and cons of each product.

We have also curated a buyer’s guide to help you know exactly what you need to look for when it comes to purchasing thermal scopes.

So, if you want to hear about some of the best thermal scopes on the market then carry on reading!

Thermal Scope Review

ATN Thor LT Thermal Rifle Scope

The first product we are going to talk about is the thermal rifle scope by ATN. This scope features more than 10 hours of battery life and has ultra-low consumption.

This means it is going to last you much longer than a lot of other thermal scopes out there. This is an extremely good quality scope that is very affordable for the quality of the product that it is.

The scope features heat detection sensors that allow you to see in pitch black and total darkness! Not only this but it will allow you to see through dense fog, smoke, and heavy vegetation.

The traditional design of this thermal scope is made of hardened aluminum alloy and is a recoil resistant to higher caliber guns.

It is also lighter than the average scope (weighing just 1.4lbs) which will help your rifle to feel balanced and enable you to be more agile.


  • Lightweight and agile
  • Long battery life
  • Heat detection Sensors


  • The visual quality isn’t great

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ATN X-Sight 4K Pro Smart Day/Night Hunting Scope

This thermal scope brought to you by ATN features an HD sensor that delivers extra sharp and enhanced images.

This thermal ensures good quality vision regardless of the conditions you are in, or how far you are from your target.

There is also an enhanced night vision setting which can reveal hidden prey and provide precise target focus.

This scope even has a built-in Ballistics calculator that allows up to 6 different profiles. This helps to account for range, angle, temperature, and humidity to ensure that you get the perfect shot.

This scope has an ergonomic design with a friendly interface that is easily mountable on almost any platform with 30mm standard mount rings.


  • Built-in Ballistics Calculator
  • Smart Features
  • HD Sensor
  • Night Vision Mode


  • Confusing Menu Options

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Sightmark Wraith HD 4-32×50 Night Vision Digital Riflescope

The next product we want to tell you about is the night vision digital riflescope by Sightmark which has many features including a day and night mode.

The night mode features both black and white or the classic green mode, whereas the day has full color. Also featured is a high-definition sensor that records in high resolution (1080phd).

Not only this but there is an 8x digital zoom with up to 16x magnification. This will help you to scout out your prey, and further the distance in the area you are covering. 


  • Both day and night mode
  • High-Definition sensor
  • 8x Digital Zoom


  • Temperamental 

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AGM Global Vision Taipan TM19-384 Thermal Imaging Monocular

This thermal scope features 384×288 resolutions with a high sensitivity detector. This is going to help you detect even the smallest of moments that can lead you to your prey and help assist with hunting.

In addition to this, the scope can run for more than seven and a half hours continuously. 

If all of that wasn’t enough, this scope also features onboard recording as well as an adjustable objective to suit you personally. It is made with high-quality materials that you can rely on.

It is suitable for both left and right hands and also men and women.


  • High sensitivity Detector
  • Long battery life
  • Onboard Recording


  • Some users report battery failure

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Sightmark Wraith HD 2-16×28 Digital Night Vision Riflescope

The last product we have for you today is the digital night vision riflescope, brought to you by the company Sightmark.

This is the perfect scope if you want it for both day and night time usage.

For daytime use there is a full-color option, whereas for night time you can choose between black and white and also the classic green setting – it is up to your personal preference. 

With an 8x digital zoom and 2x optical system, you can magnify up to 16x. Additionally, there is a built-in high-definition sensor that will record high-resolution videos and photos.


  • Day and Night Modes
  • High-Definition Sensor
  • 8x Digital Zoom


  • Does not come with Memory Card

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Buyer’s Guide

Now that we have run you through some of the best thermal scopes on the market, it is time to guide you through what you should be looking for when you are purchasing one.

There are many factors and qualities that you want to consider and should keep an eye out for while doing your research.

Finding a product that features the following qualities will ensure that you get along with the product and that it will not miss any important features that you may later need.

Night Vision Mode

The first feature that you should look out for when purchasing a thermal scope is if it has night-vision mode.

A scope that has night-vision mode will open up many more opportunities for you and your hunting. You will be able to stay out much later hours and improve the amount of hunting you do.

Additionally, this feature will enable you to see in bad conditions, from fog to lack of light. You will be able to see even the smallest of movements and detect prey in the dark that the human eye alone would not be able to see.

All of the thermal scopes that we have listed above feature a night vision mode.

Most of which have the option for black and white and the classic green as well. This gives you a choice so that you can decide which model works best for you and your vision.

This is an excellent feature for a scope to have as it opens up so many more possibilities and is a very important factor to consider when buying a thermal scope.

Without it, you may miss out on many opportunities and find it extremely difficult to hunt in bad conditions or at night.

Zoom And Sensors

The next features we are going to talk about are the zoom and sensor features. Every good scope should have a good zoom lens.

This will help you to see a greater distance and cover a larger area which opens the opportunity for more prey.

Using a zoom means that you don’t have to move and potentially disturb any nearby prey. Avoiding this will mean a greater outcome.

Your scope should not only have a good zoom but also sensors. Scopes with sensors will help you to locate prey that cannot be seen with the naked eye.

It will help ensure that you have a much more precise shot and improve your chances of being successful while hunting. 

These are both incredibly important features because they both help you to locate prey that you otherwise wouldn’t be able to see.

Additionally, they help to prevent any accidental disturbance that could frighten your prey and ruin your shot.

Battery Life

Having a good battery life on your scope is essential. What is worse than your scope running out of battery just as you are about to take the perfect shot?

Ensuring that your scope will last your entire hunting day will help to avoid any annoyance that may occur if it runs out later down the line.

The thermal scopes that we featured each has very long battery lives, ensuring that they are going to last the entire hunting day.

This is a feature that you should look for when buying a new scope.

You should compare the different battery lives to each option you are considering, as well as compare it to the scope you already have. There isn’t much point in upgrading your scope if it only lasts half as long!

Hunting is all about having patience and so extra-long battery life is an absolute must-have for any thermal scope! 


The weight of the scope may impact your shot. Any weight added to your gun will change how it feels in your hands and may cause you to mess up.

You should choose a scope that is lightweight so that it leaves you agile. Lightweight scopes are barely noticeable and won’t weigh your gun down.

Look for scopes made with high-quality but lightweight materials. Having a heavy scope will weigh your gun down, making it harder to use, heavier to carry, and all around it would not be a good investment to make.

Instead, you should opt for a light thermal scope that has every feature of any other scope, but it is lighter!


One of the most important things to consider when it comes to purchasing a thermal scope is your budget. You want to find a scope that has all of the above features but still falls within your range.

There are plenty of affordable but good-quality scopes on the market, so it is all about choosing which is best for you.

You should look at customer reviews to find out whether a product is worth the money before you make the investment in it.

Everyone has a different budget and every budget will give you different options that you can buy.

It is all about finding the best quality product for the money you spend. This means lots of research and ensure you are getting the best for your buck!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Should I Look For In A Thermal Scope?

There are many features you should look for in a thermal scope.

As well as what we have listed above you should also consider the following: magnification, resolution of the scope sensor, range of detection, reticle pattern, refresh rate, zoom type, battery life, and warranty.

Ensuring that the scope of your purchase has all of these qualities will make your life much easier in the long run!

How Far Can You Shoot With A Thermal Scope?

It is dependent on how far your scope can see ahead. The larger the size of your target, the farther your scope will be able to recognize it.

This means that shooting a rabbit-sized target at 200m may not be possible, but shooting a cattle-sized target from 800 meters would be.

It all depends on the size of your prey and the range of the scope that you are using, and its ability to detect motion at different distances.

Can A Thermal Scope See Through Fog?

A: Thermal scopes are fantastic when it comes to total darkness and light weather conditions. You will be able to see in complete darkness as well as weather conditions such as fog, rain, and snow.

However, the thermal camera may be affected by heavy weather or atmospheric conditions which means that it is unable to see if the conditions are too severe. 

Can A Thermal Scope See Through Walls?

Walls are usually very thick and insulated meaning that they block the infrared radiation technology that thermal cameras use.

This means that, no, they cannot see through walls. When you point a thermal camera at a wall it will detect heat from the wall but not what is behind it.

Why Are Thermal Scopes So Expensive?

Thermal scopes tend to be expensive due to the materials they are made from. The price of the material that is used for the lenses is very expensive which then raises the cost of the product.

A unique material is needed for thermal cameras so that the infrared sensors used in thermal imaging can be within range so that it works.

Can You Use Thermal Scope In Daytime?

One of the best parts about using a thermal scope is that it can be used in both day and night conditions.

This is because the scopes use thermal technology which detects radiation to produce an image, rather than light. This means that you do not need to be in light conditions in order to use the scope. 

What Is The Best Value Thermal Scope?

The best value thermal scope is the ATN thermal scope. It is the best value for money and has many features that higher-end scopes have.

You will be able to get a decent scope for a margin of the price you’d pay for a high-end product making them very budget-friendly.

Final Thoughts

There are so many different thermal scopes available on the market today, each with its own qualities and features and each at different price points.

When looking for the perfect thermal scope you need to consider what exactly you want from the product and also how much you are willing to spend on the product.

Once you know these things you will be able to find the perfect thermal scope for you and at the price you want to spend.

It is important to note that all thermal scopes are very pricey because of the material used to make them so that the thermal technology can work. 

Hopefully one of the above-mentioned products is the perfect thermal scope for you, and the buyer’s guide is helpful to you in finding your thermal scope.

There are many considerations you need to make before investing in scope so be sure to do your research.

This includes reading about the product, the product’s features, the material it’s made from, and its reliability.

You should also research the brands you are considering buying from and whether they are reputable.

Reading customer reviews is a fantastic way to read realistic experiences and help you to know what to expect from the product.

If you are looking for the best thermal scope for your weapon, hopefully, this has been a helpful article and you now know exactly what product you need!

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