Whether you are working in law enforcement, going on a patrol, or planning to go on a camping trip, you will need to invest in a sturdy backpack with innovative optional pouches, excellent stitching, and mesh padding compartments. The idea behind this is to get a rucksack with an ergonomic design that will allow you to offer medical treatment while you are on the road.

To help you get the best product, we will review the EXCELLENT Elite Spanker Medical Backpack loved by customer reviews on Amazon and advertised for its sturdy material and great capacity. 

We will cover the product description, highlight points, and do our best to discuss the pros and cons of this item. Let’s get started! 


The SPANKER has the standard arranged sections for great storage, but it also has the flexibility to carry a heavier load. You read it correctly: if you need more storage space, anyone can customize this backpack with additional bags, nets, or other attachments. Aside from that, we appreciated the comfort this bag provided.

The back had mesh netting, which is comfortable and easy to wear. The shoulder straps are well-padded and there is also a supplementary waist strap for further support. Opening the main pocket, two flaps on the sides, and three pouches down the center back, all with storage choices, provides a lot of room.

Who Is This Product For?

When discussing who would benefit from this backpack, the first group of people is those of you who are into outdoor sports activities. With a wide variety of pockets design and nylon webbing holders, the EXCELLENT ELASTIC is an inexpensive rucksack for a camping trip.

Apart from the user comfort, which is provided by the padded materials, it also comes with a variety of mesh compartments for aid items which makes it a perfect tactical backpack. Thus, we can say that it is an excellent investment if you are a law enforcement officer or a military man on a mission. 

What’s Included?

First and foremost, the backpack itself is made of sturdy 500D Cordura nylon. In addition to that, YKK zippers, elastic bands, and a magic sticker design make this rucksack unique. Looking at the capacity, there are three nylon pouches, four separate medical aid grid compartments, and two large pouches at the front for any other items. Also included is a sternum strap and an adjustable shoulder strap. These features offer more comfort as you are carrying this backpack on you.

Overview of Features

This may surprise you, but don’t be fooled by the bag’s name; the EXCELLENT first aid kit medical backpack is also one of the finest military backpacks available on Amazon. This backpack is ideal for first responders, emergency personnel, hunters, survivalists, and military people. It features a large compartment and a unique zipper mechanism that allows it to respond quickly.

The various pocket designs separate and organize your critical items. The backpack has four grid pockets, two elastic band slots, inside webbing holders, and three detachable nylon bags with YKK zippers. The innovative zipper compartment offers a quick response and access to items needed for an auxiliary examination.

The shoulder straps are made of incredibly soft cushioned fabrics, making the bag feel light against your back. The strap holds the backpack in place when running or walking, while the waist protects it from bouncing about. The heavy-duty MOLLE webbings are also used on the front and sides of the backpack, which one may use to connect extra pouches or carabiners. This backpack’s multifunctionality makes it suited for various outfits and casual styles. 

One of the most excellent parts is its attractive design and the fact that it comes in a wide variety of colors, including black, grey, coyote brown, and ranger green. Among its innovative design details is a mesh pocket that you can store a water bottle or an aid tape in.

Furthermore, the EXCELLENT ELITE SPANKER offers a wide variety of pouches in which you can put items for emergency situations, including needle tubing, other sundries, safety pins, sterile dressings, a trauma pad, and a pair of medical scissors. 

How to Use it

Apart from the backpack itself, you are getting a user’s guide that features all of the product details and how to get the most out of the rational compartment layout that the EXCELLENT backpack features. Our personal recommendation is to carefully go over the product information, examine the available pouches, and figure out your daily load travel strategy. 


  • It offers a wide variety of YKK zipper and mesh pockets
  • Various compartments for medical aid and everyday items
  • It has comfortable shoulder and sternum straps
  • It is made of heavy-duty nylon
  • It is breathable and resistant to different weather conditions


  • It would be better if the MOLLE straps were in front of the bag


REEBOW GEAR Military Tactical Backpack

Available in black or tan, this backpack is an affordable substitute to the EXCELLENT product, coming at a capacity of 40 liters. Similar to the backpack above, this one comes with a MOLLE layout, which means you can attach additional pouches for medical aid and other everyday items.

Furthermore, the REEBOW GEAR is made of weather-resistant heavy-duty fabric and can withstand everyday use. Thus, it is suitable for camping enthusiasts and law enforcement officers who are on patrol. Discussing its innovative design details, it comes with a breathable mesh back, adjustable shoulder straps, and a compression system that you will find around this backpack.

Wrap Up

The EXCELLENT military backpack is one of the best-selling items on the Amazon Global Store because it offers tremendous durability and more than several pouches that will hold medical equipment and other camping/military essentials.

Furthermore, it is simple to adjust towards your liking with a comfortable sternum/shoulder strap and a mesh back. In the end, the EXCELLENT ELITE SPANKER Military Backpack has a five-star rating for a good reason and we could not recommend it more highly.


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