How To Make Ballistic Gel at Home?

When you buy a new firearm, many people wonder how effective it is on different mediums. Nobody wants a gun that does not work correctly, so testing yours ahead of time is essential. One way many people test the effectiveness of their firearm and ammunition is by using ballistic gel. 

Ballistic Gel is a gelatin-like substance created in a mold and can be used to mimic the tissue and muscles of humans and animals alike. Because Ballistic gel is mostly gelatin, you can easily make your own at home with a few simple ingredients. All you need is water, unflavored gelatin powder, and a mold to successfully make your ballistic gel.

In this article, we will dive into what precisely ballistic gel is as well as the steps to take to make your gel molds at home. We will also explain the purpose of ballistic gel and the different types that are sold by stores all over the country.

Fragments of bullet inside ballistic gel
Fragments of bullet inside ballistic gel (Source).

What is Ballistic Gel used for? 

The ballistic gel is a gel-like substance that people shoot through to test their ammunition and firearm effectiveness. It is supposed to simulate muscle, so shooting through it will show you if your ammunition is adequate to hunt or shoot with. Shooting at ballistic gel helps you to monitor just how much damage your ammunition can create. The ballistic gel is designed to be clear so you can follow the entire path of your bullet and effective your shot was. As of now, the ballistic gel is one of the better mediums to mimic what a bullet does when it comes into contact with flesh. 

Another purpose of ballistic gel is to see how far your bullet goes inside the gel as well as how it reacts once it comes into contact with the gel material. Taking the time to study the dependability of your ammunition with ballistic gels will leave you feeling confident. The ballistic gel is a great way to test your firearms to see how they will perform in the field. There is a multitude of tests you can do to see how effective and dependable your guns are. Testing your ammunition on ballistic gels allows you to become more confident with your firearm.

What do You Need to Know About Ballistic Gels?

Ballistic gels come in a variety of types, and each style has its pros and cons. For the most part, Ballistic gel is a gelatin material that has been poured to fit a mold. 


Natural Ballistic Gel is made out of natural products such as plant and animal products. 


Synthetic Ballistic Gel is made up of man made products and chemicals. The difference between gel created in a factory or warehouse versus the gel you make at home is the gel you can buy will be the exact density it needs to be time after time. If you are looking to refine your shot and practice at home, creating your own ballistic gel is easy and straightforward but may not always be the exact, reliable density.

Can I make Ballistic Gel at home? 

Yes, you absolutely can make ballistic gel at home. The ballistic gel is simply just unflavored gelatin that is created to fit a mold.


  1. Use 8 oz water to 1 oz of gelatin powder/ 64 oz to 8 oz of gelatin. 
  2. Mix together and refrigerate 
  3. Heat back up and melt; let cool.
  4. Spray mold and pour inside
  5. Chill for 36 hours 

Once you know how to make ballistic gel at home, you will have the convenience of creating gel molds whenever you want, instead of ordering one online. Using gelatin and water to make your ballistic gel is incredibly cheap and saves you a ton of money.

DIY ballictic gels at home

How Long Does Ballistic Gel last?

It is wise to remember that ballistic gel is made out of gelatin, so it will not last long outside the fridge. If you bring your gel out of the refrigerator, it will last around 30 minutes to an hour in an outside setup. If you leave the gel in the fridge, it can typically last approximately seven to ten days. The gelatin powder used to make ballistic gel will last for a long time, allowing you to make ballistic gel whenever you need it. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is ballistic gel reusable?

Yes, ballistic gel can be reused time and time again. You can do so by wiping off your ballistic gel, cutting out bullets, and melting your gel down again. Once melted, you can pour it into a mold, let it cool, and refrigerate. Being able to reuse your ballistic gel allows you to get the most for your money and use the same gel time and time again.

Is ballistic gel resemble skin?

No, ballistic gel is made to mimic muscle and flesh but does not represent other factors such as bone and skin. You can mimic these factors by adding animal hides or rib bones to your ballistic gel for added tests.

Is ballistic gel reliable and accurate?

Yes, ballistic gel is very accurate when it comes to how bullets will react in muscles. The downside is ballistic gel does snot show you how bullets react when they encounter with skin and bones.


The ballistic gel is commonly used to test the effectiveness of ammunition on a material that simulates muscles. Many people use ballistic gel to test the penetration depth of their ammo as well as watch the path it takes when it hits the gel. 

You can choose to order ballistic gel from various distributors, but there is a simple way to make your own at home. You can make your own ballistic gel at home by using unflavored gelatin and water. Unflavored gelatin is incredibly budget-friendly and will allow you to make ballistic gel molds time and time again. No matter what type of ballistic gel you buy or make, it is a great choice to test your firearms and ammunition dependability and effectiveness.


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