How to Wear Tactical Belt

Generally speaking, people think of a belt as merely a length of fabric used to keep their pants up. Despite that, the belt is one of the most essential pieces of equipment for some professionals and people who follow the EDC or Everyday Carry movement.

Depending on the buckle design and setup, there are many different ways to wear these tactical belts. It can be difficult to wear a tactical belt because these buckle designs are different from those you can buy at the store.

Tactical Belt: How to Wear One

The process for putting on a tactical belt varies depending on the buckle it has. Due to their different buckle designs, belt size, and features, tactical belts are worn differently depending on their features.

Now let’s look at some of the most typical belts based on style.

Belt with hooks and loops

A hook and loop buckle has a reputation for being durable and reliable and is one of the most common types. It is durable because it is made of only one piece of metal or plastic, which minimizes the number of failure points on the belt.

As a result of the simplicity of the buckle, designers can add additional features without compromising the buckle’s functionality. There are several buckles that feature an extra hole where a carabiner hook can be attached.

The following steps are required to wear this tactical belt:

  • Set the belt around your waist or through your pants’ belt loops.
  • Thread the end tip through the hole closer to your body’s center. This should be done from under the buckle.
  • The third step consists of pulling the end tip and threading it through the other hole on the buckle. This should be done from above the buckle.
  • You can tighten the belt by pulling on the end tip.
  • Tie the excess belt through the belt keeper loop or secure it to the belt’s Velcro strap if it has one.
  • To remove the belt, pull on the buckle and pull in the opposite direction from how you fastened it (in other words, if you fastened your belt by grabbing the end tip to the right, loosen the belt by grabbing the buckle to the left).

Belt with a frame buckle

An alternative buckle type on tactical belts is the frame buckle, which is no different in principle from the frame buckle you can find on traditional dress belts. Designed to secure belts with one or two prongs, a frame buckle threads its prongs through holes punched into the belt to secure it. Therefore, frame buckles are usually found on thicker leather and synthetic leather belts. This is typically used for gun belt buckles.

Following these steps will enable you to wear this kind of tactical belt:

  • Begin by putting the belt around your waist or through your pants.
  • Keep the prong open and thread the end tip upward through the bottom of the buckle.
  • Pull the end tip so that it is tightened to your preferred length.
  • By threading the prong through the hole on the appropriate end tip of the belt, secure the belt.
  • Thread the end of the belt through the keeper loop or the belt loops on your pants to secure it.
  • It is the same process to remove the belt in reverse. Thread the end tip out of the buckle by pulling the end tip outward, remove the prong, and then thread the end tip in.

Belt with snap buckle

A buckle of this type is typically found on harnesses, bags, and any other items requiring a simple but secure fastening method. It is the ideal belt for convenience. This durable belt has excellent ease of use which makes snap buckles very popular on police duty belts and daily belt options. However, they are much thicker than other buckles, so they cannot be threaded through your pants belt loops.

The buckle is composed of two parts: a “male” part that clicks into a “female” part on the other end. The snap buckle can be secured by simply inserting the male and female parts until they click together. To unfasten the belt, press into the top and bottom tabs of the buckle, then pull out the “male” part to release both parts.

Military tactical belt with semi-automatic buckle for connection with cartridge pouch

Tactical Belts: What Are They, and Why Are They Special? 

Tactical belts are highly durable belts designed specifically for use in law enforcement and the military. Their primary purpose is to secure uniforms while carrying flashlights, firearms, and other tools and equipment. It is a highly versatile type of belt.

As a result of the survivalist and everyday carry movements, “tactical” equipment has lost much of its meaning. Today, any thick nylon belt can be marketed as a tactical belt, even if it wasn’t designed for tactical use in the first place.

This is not to say that tactical belts available in stores or online are bad. Outdoor adventurers can benefit greatly from the design innovations of modern tactical belts.

Tip: The quick-release buckle on the tactical belt is useful

An important feature of the tactical belt is its quick-release buckle. You can, however, render this component useless if you use it in the wrong way.

Once you put on the tactical belt, you need to lock up the buckle. Ideally, you should also run the tail of your belt through the buckle to fully tighten it.

You can wear your pants more conveniently using the quick-release buckle in this way. Taking your pants off when nature calls is also much easier and faster.


A tactical belt is one of the most overlooked pieces of tactical gear. It’s extremely versatile and reliable. 

A battle belt is useful in various conditions such as tactical situations, work, and hobbies. The simplest way to wear a pistol belt is to snap it around your waist over your belt loops and your trousers belt. Whether you use it to deal with a zombie apocalypse or simply to walk your dogs, we hope you’ve learned how to wear a tactical belt. Have fun with your tactical belt as part of your collection of tactical equipment.


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