Is Body Armor Worth the Cost and Hassle?

With the increase of violent incidents and tension, purchasing body armor may be a smart investment. The added peace of mind if an SHTF situation unravels will allow you to focus your efforts elsewhere. The benefits of owning body armor do not just end with protection, though.

With the advancement in design, materials, and functionalities, we believe that there has not been a better time to add a layer of protection. While it may seem daunting to purchase a full kit of body armor, you do not need to do it all at once. Body armor can be bought piece by piece; what is important is to get at least some protection.

It is time to stop contemplating whether or not body armor is a necessity for you. In this article, we will discuss the benefits and drawbacks of owning body armor. With that being said, let us continue on to discover what it can provide for you.

Body armor can be life-saving.

Benefits of Owning Body Armor

In a survival situation, body armor may not be the number one choice for some people. Especially not when you consider food, water, and weapons. Although it is not a top choice, why not cover all your bases? The first two are basic survival needs; the weapon is for protection against a threat. But what if the threat has a weapon as well? For me, I would rather be struggling to breathe and have a cracked rib instead of a bullet hole in my chest. That is why body armor is must have in SHTF situations.

In addition, body armor takes very little training on how to properly use, in comparison to weapons. And yes, body armor requires knowledge of how to put on correctly to ensure full protection. It also covers the largest area of your body, an area that is the target for attackers. Not only that, body armor gives you mental protection. If you are in an intense situation, your mind will be going crazy anyway, but having an extra layer of protection may provide reassurance.

Some individuals may be questioning if these situations are reasonable to account for. The answer would be yes, but armor also has a few additional benefits to daily life protection. It may seem strange at first, but wearing body armor could save you in the case of a daily accident. Imagine you are driving down a two-lane. All of a sudden, a car swerves into your lane, and a head-on collision occurs.  Since body armor works by spreading the force of impact over a larger area, you have an increased potential to survive a fatal accident.  That is if you are wearing body armor.

Drawbacks of Body Armor

The main concern to anyone looking into purchasing body armor is the price. A quality piece of body armor is going to cost a good amount. And it is of best interest to not skimp and go for a cheaper option. Going for a less expensive option may lead to you causing more harm to yourself than protection. In the event of spalling, the fragmentation of a plate when impacted, serious injury can occur. That is why we recommended ceramic plates as they have a lower chance of this occurring.

Along with the initial investment, there are loads of accessories that you may want—increasing the price of owning body armor some more. The added weight can be a difficulty for some individuals who lack physical fitness. When fully loaded out, the extra body armor is going to add a significant load onto you. At first, it may not seem like much, but when you get to moving around and wearing it for hours, you will definitely feel the added weight.

Another drawback is that the body armor needs to be worn properly. When worn improperly, the weight can feel heavier than it actually is. But the more significant issue is that a wrongly worn vest will not give maximum protection, which is defeating the vest’s primary purpose. All in all, the best way to view body armor is like an insurance policy. It may cost a pretty penny to get all setup, but when you do, the peace of mind knowing that you have an extra layer of protection is well worth it.

There are multiple accessories that you can use with your body armor (Source).

When and Where?

When wearing body armor, there are situations not beneficial, like when you are not near any threats. Times when you are in rural areas and covering a lot of ground. Since you will not be in near contact of other threats. The added weight is going to slow you down and expend more calories. If you believe you need body armor in a situation like this, then it is recommended to go with light plates. Also, in a rural situation, camouflage is going to be a better form of protection.

On the other hand, if you are in a metropolitan area with threats having body armor is the go-to choice. Since it will be impossible to clear every sightline while focusing on dangerous areas, the body armor gives you the backup you need. Another situation where body armor is a great choice is if you are locked in. This is when having heavy plates would be a good idea. The extra weight would not cause many issues as you will not be moving around as much.

In any case, the extra layer of protection that body armor offers is well worth any price. When it comes to a life or death situation, the amount of money, the protection cost should not be an influential factor.


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