Night Vision Pard NV800 Complete Review

Pard Technology recently launched its new Night Vision Pard NV008 scope. This is a great digital scope that is perfect for beginners at a very affordable price compared to others available on the market. The Night Vision Pard NV008 is one of the best rifle scopes on the market for beginners for less than $700. It was designed to be used both during day and night shooting. Because of this, it can be used for hunting, surveillance, or even just as a recording device. The NV008 has everything you need, plus advanced features that improve your experience. The NV008 is easy to use for beginners, and it can stay with you as you evolve into more intermediate and seasoned shooting. Read on for a complete review of Pard Technology’s Night Vision Pard NV008 and all its awesome features. 

The NV008

The Pard NV008 is a night vision scope manufactured by the Chinese company Shenzhen Pard Technology that specializes in professional night vision scopes and thermal imaging. The NV008 is their newest night scope following the well-received NV007 model. The NV007 scope is a rear-sight night vision clip-on that mounts to the eyepiece of the daytime scope, whereas the NV008 is a standalone scope that functions without the use of a daytime scope. This line of scopes is extremely popular among hunters because of their convenient, user-friendly, and multi-functional traits:

  • Lightweight
  • Day and night options
  • Affordable price

The latest Pard NV008 Night Scope has become even more popular than its NV007 predecessor among beginners. The NV008 is small but powerful, and it is also waterproof and shockproof. It is useful in multiple environments for all kinds of hunting. When you purchase an NV008 Night Scope, you will receive a Picatinny mount in the package. No extra mount purchase necessary and this gift may also be used for a laser or an external IR. 

NV008 Noteworthy Features

This night vision scope has many features that have made it a preferred choice over even the most veteran specialized scope brands. You can find it sells for less than $700. It is probably one of the most compact and lightweight night vision scopes on the market, weighing in at only one pound. Other features that make this an amazing night vision scope that you should consider include: 

  • 5-watt LED infrared
  • 200-meter range in full darkness
  • 21-millimeter standard rail mount
  • Magnification of 6.5x to 12x
  • Wi-Fi connectivity 
  • Two-year warranty

This night vision scope is considered a high-quality vision scope that can be used for hunting predators, varmints, and other nocturnal game. Most users have recommended the Pard NV008 for hunting pests of all sizes, from squirrels to foxes. But also, its design makes it suitable for scouting wild game, security and surveillance, camping fun, night fishing and boating, wildlife observation, and rescue.

Pard NV008 lightest Day/Night Rifle Scope Digital Night Vision Hunting Riflescope Waterproof IP67 Include Mount Battery 200m IR WiFi iOS & Android Apps

Digital Night Vision 

Many new hunters cannot afford to pay for generation one, two, or three night-vision scopes since their prices can be as high as $3,000. Still, hunters need a way to see their targets, even in the dark. This is especially beneficial because foxes, rabbits, and other sought after animals can be easier to locate while active during the night. To solve this problem, many scope brands started producing inexpensive and sometimes better options, like the NV008 Digital Night Vision scope. These types of night vision scopes have become immensely popular because they are more affordable, and most of them function as a second-generation scope at half the price.

They can be much less expensive than other generations’ devices, and at the same time, digital devices produce less distortion in imaging than an intensifier tube. The picture is clearer than other scopes. Also, digital night vision can be more durable because bright light does not damage the device. Thus, the Pard NV008, compared to true night vision, is considered more durable because it is a digital scope. Additionally, the digital color display works considerably well on the range in the daylight. The Pard NV008 converts ambient light into a digital image. This image can be compared to Generation-2 technology scopes but at a lower price. 

Best Qualities of the Pard Night Vision NV008

While the NV008 has many astounding features that make it a top pick by hunters, below are some of the most popular qualities that set this particular scope above the competition.

Daytime Use

One of the most important features of the Pard NV008 is that it can be used during daylight too. This is a feature that only the best scopes offer. Therefore, this makes the Pard NV008 a very cost-effective scope because you will have two scopes in one. Also, this is an amazing feature because it opens you to many new options. You can use the scope for many activities:

  • Hunting
  • Camping
  • Gaming

You can even use this scope when you want to record or take pictures with it while traveling. Keep in mind that the image is black and white when switching to night mode while the daytime mode has color. 

Pard NV008 lightest Day/Night Rifle Scope Digital Night Vision Hunting Riflescope Waterproof IP67 Include Mount Battery 200m IR WiFi iOS & Android Apps

Video Recording 

It records video that may include audio, and images and videos can be shown directly on other devices. The Pard NV008 allows for Wi-Fi connectivity to be able to transfer images to your phone, computer, or laptop. This is an especially useful feature if you want to show others your adventures or if you want to recall hunting tactics. Wi-Fi connectivity lets you live stream your hunting moments or your wild adventures. Another incredible advantage is that you can use this device without a rifle as a camera to record videos and pictures. The recordings can be stored on a MicroSD card in MP4 format compatible with many operating systems like OSX and Windows. The videos can also be played on the Pard NV008 screen directly. 

High Resolution 

Night vision scopes normally do not have the same resolution as regular scopes. However, using the NV008 creates high-resolution photos (2,592 x 1,944) and videos (1,920 x 1,080). Resolution is especially important because the higher it gets, the clearer your target will be. The Pard NV008 has a particularly good resolution since the current standard resolution remains about 640 x 480 pixels. 

Sony OLED Screen 

The screen of the Pard NV008 is OLED. This is digital technology that consists of a series of organic thin films placed between two conductors. Unlike other screens, OLED does not need a backlight, making this more thin and efficient compared to LCD. This technology allows for the following advantages: 

  • Higher-resolution images 
  • High contrast 
  • Increased brightness 
  • Better angles for viewing
  • Diverse color range

High Magnification

One of the most important features of a night vision scope is magnification. The Pard NV008 has a powerful night vision range of 6.5x to 12x, with a long-range vision up to 656 feet.This is an amazing feature as most night scopes do not have higher magnification. This is one of the best features of this scope. Because of this, you have great accuracy. Common scopes have a magnification level of 4x on average. Most night scopes can provide vision between 100 and 200 yards. The Pard NV008 includes an IR attached that helps increase magnification.

Pard NV008 lightest Day/Night Rifle Scope Digital Night Vision Hunting Riflescope Waterproof IP67 Include Mount Battery 200m IR WiFi iOS & Android Apps

IR Illumination

Many hunters must add an infrared illuminator to get a better picture from a digital night vision device and obtain a higher-quality of vision during the night. The IR illuminator is a tool that emits light only on the infrared light spectrum. The built-in infrared illuminator allows you to view the target in totally dark conditions with a clear and bright image. The IR in the pard NV008 comes fully integrated on its top.

This is a huge advantage in the Pard NV008 since it helps the scope to function with no visible light on the scene while drastically improving the light sensitivity of the device. With the built-in IR, there is little white-out and it performs adequately for the job since it can also be adjusted for focus and intensity. 

Easy Zeroing 

One feature many Pard NV008 users consider its best is that zeroing the rifle with this model is very easy. The freeze function allows you to adjust the reticle according to your first hit on the target. This model offers a choice of many different types of reticles in red or yellow color. According to Pard, this device can memorize up to five different weapons, so you can use it on multiple rifles without having to zero them in again. 


When buying scopes, it is important to check how resistant it is to weather and different situations that you can face when hunting. One important factor is whether or not the scope is shockproof. The Pard NV008 scope comes with a 300G shockproof build that can handle up to 5,000 joules of recoil. Keep in mind though, this night vision scope is IPX7 rated. This means that there is no current information available to prove how resistant it is to dust. However, hunters and campers consider the fact that it is waterproof as more important. 

The IP range covers from zero at worst to nine at best. This scope rates seven out of nine for waterproof protection. An IPX7 rating means that this device can be submerged for up to 30 minutes in water no deeper than 3.2 feet deep and keep all features intact. Also, this is a durable device since, compared to true night vision, digital scopes are considered more resilient. They do not suffer the prolonged effects of overexposure when used in direct daylight. Since this is a night and day night-vision scope, the fact that sunlight will not affect it is an important feature. 

Battery Life

Every night vision scope relies on battery power to provide sight in the absence of environmental illumination. Thus, the battery life of your scope determines how long you can consistently use it without having to replace the batteries. The Pard NV008 is powered by one single rechargeable 3.7V battery.  According to users, the battery life of this scope is particularly good. Daytime mode and using standby lasts exceptionally long, up to 7 hours. Without standby, it still works for several hours. Also, the battery indicator that turns red to indicate a low battery does not require changing the battery immediately. The PARD will continue to work for quite a while. If it shuts off due to a dead battery, the PARD will not be damaged. Keep in mind that a higher battery life often translates to a higher price, so do not expect this device to outlast other scopes designed specifically to last longer. 

Easy to Install 

The Pard NV008 includes weaver rails so it can be mounted easily on a rifle. If you remove the rail, you can use the scope as a handheld night vision spotting scope. The Pard NV008 is designed with a built-in mount. This saves you the time and effort of fixing a mount onto a scope. Additionally, this provides users a more convenient way to attach and remove the scope. The only tool required for this is a locking lever. Another reason to choose a quick release scope like the Pard NV008 is that you do not have to re-zero the scope after attachment or removal.

Pard NV008 lightest Day/Night Rifle Scope Digital Night Vision Hunting Riflescope Waterproof IP67 Include Mount Battery 200m IR WiFi iOS & Android Apps

NV008 Criticisms

Despite being a top-quality scope, there are some qualities that the NV008 falls short on. Since the scope is so affordable, it will not have all the bells and whistles that more expensive scopes will have. Be sure to consider the following if you are thinking about purchasing an NV008. 

  • Not weatherproof
  • Relatively shorter battery life at night
  • No ballistic calculator

Not Entirely Weatherproof

Most of the best scopes are “weatherproof,” which is a combination of waterproof, fog proof, dustproof, and shockproof. The Pard NV008 is waterproof and shockproof, but Pard does not assure it to be weatherproof. Weatherproof scopes usually give you more value for your money because you can expect them to last many years, while strictly waterproof models can be less durable. Inclement weather can be experienced in many wild circumstances. Therefore, this feature would be highly appreciated. For certain types of hunts, a weatherproof scope might be a necessity given animal migration patterns or seasonal weather.

Relatively Shorter Battery Life at Night

The battery can be a constraint as it may only last up to eight hours in prime conditions. While hunting, many times you do not know how long it will take to find your prey. During other activities, eight hours might be more than enough. The batteries in this model are not included. Therefore, battery life can change significantly depending on the brand you will use. It could be considered as a short battery scope because other devices with a similar price can last more than 20 hours active, like the ATN-X. 

No Ballistic Calculator 

The Pard NV008 usually is compared to the ATN X-Sight because the prices are remarkably similar. You can find the ATN-X-sight for less than $700. But, the ATN-X has a builtin ballistic calculator, which is responsible for making sure the shot hits the target each time at different ranges, angles, temperatures, and more. It helps you determine precise, long-range shots. Because the NV008 does not have this calculation ability, you will need to work on your aim point more.

Why Digital Scopes Are Best for Beginners

An important feature of the digital night vision scopes like the Pard NV008 is that it changes all the habits related to shouldering a rifle and proper eye position behind the scope. The position of the eyes is no longer as important thanks to the digital crosshairs clip-on attached to the eyepiece of the scope. It provides a view directly down the tube of the scope. Other advantages include:

  • Better color quality — In the Pard NV008, like other digital scopes, the image is typically displayed black and white on the OLED screen, unlike the traditional green and black in regular night vision.
  • Affordability — Digital night vision is typically cheaper than traditional night vision and offers a clear, crisp image.
  • Versatility — Digital night vision can be used during the daytime too.


Riflescopes provide safer and more accurate shooting when hunting. For most people on the market for a scope, they should be affordable. Specialized hunters considered night-vision scopes as extremely high-technology devices not that long ago. Expensive, fragile, and difficult to use was the verdict. That is a great reason why a night-vision scope like the Pard NV008 is one of the best digital night vision scopes you can find. It is affordable, durable, lightweight, high-quality, and easy to use. Even though this brand has been in the market for a short time, its devices have all the features a hunter seeks. Pard NV008 is the perfect option for night vision scopes for less than $700.


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