The Best Body Type for Appendix Carry

If you have tried appendix carry and it was uncomfortable, it may not be because of your body type. When you chose the correct holster, gun, and location, appendix carry can be effective for people of all body types. Appendix carry, as one would guess, is when your holster sits against the front waistline. Usually, slights off-centered to provide the best comfort. Having your weapon here provides the advantage of drawing it quickly and naturally. 

Depending on your body type, there are a few different ways to carry while maintaining concealment and being comfortable. If you want to try to appendix carry or have tried and failed in the past, hopefully, this article can help you achieve your desired results.

Position makes all the difference when drawing from concealment (Source).

Body Types

The way your appendix carry is going to depend on your body style. A slim and small body frame is not going to be able to conceal a full-size handgun like a 6ft 230 lb man would. Just using the body proportions, anyone can see that the same handgun will look completely different when put up to those two individuals. For the majority of smaller framed people, an appendix carry is a good option that will work if done correctly. I have met many small people who prefer it because it suits their shape. On the other hand, I know several smaller guys who cannot stand appendix carry.

The main problem that a skinnier guy runs into while appendix carrying is in contact with hip bones. For them, the holster is constantly rubbing when in motion. Another issue is that the pistol may not be concealed very well. The print of the handgun can be seen easily, which defeats the purpose of concealed carry. On the other side of the spectrum, we have larger build people. These people do not have to worry about the holster digging in because they have some cushion, but they do tend to have more issues with appendix carry than their counterparts. 

Some overweight people claim that they lose the ability to draw a gun.  Having a bigger belly makes the move a little more complicated. A solution to ease some discomfort for bigger guys is to cant your hoster. You can get away with 20-30 degrees, depending on what is most comfortable for you. This would also help avoid any pinching of the skin. For some people, it just will not work. And that is okay. Being able to appendix carry does not turn you into a master marksman. You can be plenty fast and accurate with a hip carry. 

Different body types (Source).

Benefits of Appendix Carry

As mention before, the main benefit is the ease of access that it offers. The natural movement, almost like reaching in your pocket, gives a nice flow when unholstering the weapon. That leads to the next benefit, the tactical advantage when drawing. When drawing from the hip, there is a noticeable movement that you are moving to grab something. When drawing from the appendix, there is no sign as it seems like a natural movement.

There is also less of a chance for the weapon to get stuck on any clothing when unholstering. Another benefit of appendix carry is the level of concealment that is offered. When untucked, that area drapes, which means there will be no print for others to see. The stomach area is also only exposed when your hands go up, which is rare in comparison to bending down, which is when other types of carrying can be seen.

The last benefit of carrying here is the simplicity of sliding the holster in and out. All you will need to do is slide the holster in, tighten your belt, insert the handgun, and go. Carrying this way is convenient because it’s effortless to slide an appendix carry holster and possibly pistol in the waistband. You just slide it in, seat the clip, fasten the belt and go

Cons of Appendix Carry

There is one main downfall to appendix carry. It is evident to all, and that is sitting. When standing still, it is very comfortable because the pistol matches the shape of the body. Since guns do not bend, though, there is almost no way to guarantee comfort while sitting and carrying.

To find comfort while sitting, you will need to slouch slightly, which may give away that you are carrying. Another cons, albeit unusual, but it does happen, is accidental fires. When this occurs on the hip, it will result in a minor wound. However, when an appendix carries negligent discharge, there is a high chance it is going into the groin area. In the worst situation, it hits the femoral artery, which can be deadly.

In any case, there will always be people telling you what is right for you. Listen and try their advice, but in the end, it is yourself who will determine the best carry method. Once you figure out your carry preference, stick to it, and master it.

Ensure there is enough room to access your grip (Source).

Appendix Carry Position 

Now that we have discussed the body types for appendix carry and the pros and cons, if you still want to give it a shot, the following will help you find the right position. Some people find luck when they add a wedge into their carry. This pushes the barrel slightly away and the grip slightly inwards. For those that struggle with rubbing, this is not a good choice.

Another solution would be changing the ride height. If you are having trouble concealing the gun, then you may want to lower the ride height, moving the weapon lower on your body. If you are struggling with a clean draw, then you should try the opposite. In the end, everything said is a generality. What works for one may not work for another, even if they have matching body types. Your experience will be different from other carriers that you come across. There is one thing that is certain, though, you will always find a way to carry.


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