The Best Tactical Vest Setup and How You Can Replicate It

Tactical vests are used for a range of different applications. There is always the need for authorities to be efficient in quickly wearing tactical gear for violent circumstances. The military basically created the tactical vest and have actually been providing one to soldiers for decades. Nowadays, the very best tactical vests serve a variety of uses. In house defense scenarios, the tactical vest is an easy and rapid tool that provides a house protector with ammunition on tap.

Hunters can make use of a tactical vest to bring a variety of equipment. This permits them to avoid carrying a knapsack. It also provides hunters the equipment they need at their fingertips. They can access binoculars, maps, compasses, flashlights, laser range finders, and game hires a flash. First, I will give you my number one option. This setup fits my need, and after we go through some questions that you need to ask yourself to find what setup will work best for your needs.

Military tactical vest setup (Source).

Our Best Option

When I started searching for the very best tactical vest setup for me, I realized that numerous plastic ones simply aren’t tough enough or have too many things! After doing a little digging came across the CRYE Accuracy JPC (Jumpable Plate Provider) and was impressed with what I found. This is a great plate provider, which is among the reasons it’s so versatile. The straps and inside mesh make it comfy to wear even for extended periods. It’s remarkably light, and there’s likewise a Molle to run side plates if needed.

This enables you to carry a complete fight loadout, though it’s a compromise on the shoulder straps if you’re going to load it down that much. The shoulder straps are low profile, thin, light, and they’re rather comfortable made from Hypalon. The plate carrier is basically simply two pieces signed up with by these. It comes with three mag pouches, but you can remove them if you want just to continue your belt and a document sleeve in the back. The modular Molle and Velcro allow you to carry what you require, and it has a low profile, which is convenient if you need it.

CRYE Accuracy JPC (Jumpable Plate Provider) (Source).

Arguably the most crucial function is the Molle. It allows you to carry practically anything, anyway, anyhow. The webbing is on the upper and lower on the front, and there’s also some bungee shock cord on there to cinch whatever down without feeling restricted. There’s likewise Molle on the sides and Velcro on the back so you can connect more. The back has a huge velcro location that fits best for magazines better than Molle because you can keep it empty for a lower profile while still carrying mags on your belt. The webbing on the side straps likewise means you have gotten back at more area to carry gear if required.

They’re adjustable with Velcro and the bar adding ways you can cut them to fit and after that relapse the cover without worrying about it unwinding. The straps have a slideable cover, which helps keep them safeguarded from abrasions and getting cut accidentally. The side straps are also practical because they have Molle as well, so you can connect even more stuff. Having three straps helps keep whatever in place, and they’re multi-layered, which makes them thick and sturdy.

You will definetly love the CRYE (Source).

They cinch securely and have hassle-free Velcro to take it on and off in seconds, and you can still change it depending on your layers without needing to deal with buckles and clips. The shape of the straps also stops the vest obstructing of carrying a rifle while still protecting whatever is necessary. Inside has a handy function. There’s a small mesh sheet at the top of the chest and at the shoulders.

This enables your skin to breathe, and it makes wearing the provider so much comfier. It’s several inches square, so it covers sufficient area that you will not get scratched up or rubbed raw from the provider continuing you. If you’re seating it ideal (high), then you’ll genuinely value this little mesh. This is our best choice, but it may not be the best for you. Take some time to consider what your setup would require. Below we have a guide to finding out what is best for you.

Question to Ask Yourself

There are some important things to consider when buying a tactical vest. Let’s take a look at the three primary concerns that you will require to resolve when choosing the ideal tactical vest to ensure you are objective ready.


Adjustable layouts offer the user the ultimate control of their structure. Their vests use MOLLE or PALS webbing to enable the accessory of different tactical pouches. Customized design tactical vests are more friendly for left-handed shooters, or for shooters who require unique factors to consider. Customizable vests do come with a higher price. This is because of the need to buy pouches. There is likewise the substantial time required to weave the pouches in and out of the webbing.

Fixed layout vests come pre-equipped with tactical pouches. These packages are typically scheduled for right-handed operators. These pre-built sets generally are more budget-friendly when you factor in the consist of pouches. Fixed design tactical vests are typically developed to equip a single rifleman. They have enough pouches and space for the new tactical gear that shooters, authorities, and soldiers require.


Are you using your tactical vest in a car? If so you need to think about the overall size of the vest. A large vest will make climbing in and out of a vehicle tough. Equipment pouches are quickly caught on in cars, doorways, and on things, you’ve never thought about. A bigger vest with a lot of pockets tended to get caught on the most random of equipment. When running out of a car or in tight quarters, a minimalist method must be taken with your set.


What is the goal of your objective? This is a significant factor to consider when considering the capacity of your tactical vest. An overnight or broadened objective will require more capability than a daylight raid. Ask serious concerns. How much ammunition do you need? Just how much water will you need? Do you need additional gear like maps, compasses, medical kits, or flashlights? Think about all these aspects when acquiring and looking for the very best tactical vests.


Outer attachments enable you to carry additional needed equipment that might not fit on your waist. There are a number of things that you can continue your vest, such as:

  • An additional set of handcuffs
  • Flashlight.
  • Taser.
  • Notebook.
  • An extra magazine
  • Keys.
  • Pepper spray
  • Baton.

When you include things to your vest provider, remember to position them in logical locations that enable you to access the things you require one of the most quickly. It’s not essential to fill every attachment area.


Various weapons will require various equipment to accommodate their ammunition source. A shotgun requires bandoleers to hold shells, and a AR 15 utilizes magazines. There is no universal ammo pouch that works for every weapon. Even magazines are not the exact same size. A AR 15 magazine is much smaller sized than an AK 47 magazine. This means the very same magazine pouches are not suitable for each other. If a pouch is too big, magazines may bounce around, triggering ammunition to become loose in the magazine.

Does your tactical vest have a space to install a handgun? Are there any magazine pouches to accommodate additional handgun magazines? If your tactical vest can not accommodate a handgun, does it have a belt to accommodate a holster? A secondary weapon is almost always a requirement in tactical operations.


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