The Top 5 Things You Should Not Do in a Fist Fight

Honestly, a fistfight isn’t something that you dream of getting into. It can get nasty and bloody real fast, and you can land in serious trouble with the law.

And when your adrenaline is spiked and blood pressure is high, even when you win, you can end up as the loser.

But when push comes to shove, you may need to defend yourself against that big bully who won’t leave you alone. You have every right to defend yourself and do everything necessary to win the fight.

In that case, knowing what to avoid during a fistfight will surely work to your advantage.

What should you not do in a fistfight?

Quite a few things actually. But we have picked 5 essential points that you can’t afford to overlook.

Note, these points won’t make you invincible in any back-alley brawl. If you’re an untrained guy, they won’t help you win against a trained opponent either.

However, using these five tips will surely improve your chances of ending the fight in your favor. Knowing them will surely be more beneficial for you than not knowing at all.

So, here are the top 5 things you should not do in a fistfight.

1. Avoid hitting with your fist

Here’s the fact. Punching in the wrong way can seriously damage your hands. The most common injuries are compound fractures in the bones of your pinkie or ring finger. And with a broken hand, you won’t be in a position to win the fight.

And unless you have some training in your background, chances are you are making a bad fist. To prevent that, here are two things you should do.

  • Hit out with the heel of your hand. That will not only protect your fingers but will also hurt your opponent if you strike the lips or the nose. Using the elbows effectively needs some training. But try using them without lowering your guard.
  • Make a tight fist without any gaps between the fingers and the inner part of the palm. Keep your thumb outside the fist. But don’t let it stick out either.
  • Try to hit with the two large knuckles. The chances of breaking your hand will be lesser that way.
  • Keep your wrist straight when you are punching. This will reduce the chances of a hand injury. Also, drive your elbow to support your wrist. That’s a good way to add maximum power to the punch.

2. Hit the right spot

Pick out the soft spots in your opponent to end the fight quickly. The most common target area is the face. The lips and the nose are the best spots to get quick results. A good strike there can leave your opponent dazed and in pain. Plus, a nose injury also activates the tear ducts. That’s good enough to blur your opponent’s vision.

Avoid striking in the other areas of the head. Head strikes can kill people and ruin lives. 

The chest and the gut area are better targets. A strike under the rib cage to the kidneys can be a painful one. A blow to the solar plexus below the sternum can also be very effective.

Never scratch an opponent. It does no real damage but leaves behind ugly marks visible to the cops.

3.Never drop your guard

What are the rules of a fistfight?

The honest answer is, there isn’t any.  In a street fight, anything goes. Your attacker may even carry a weapon. So, you can’t afford to drop your guard at any point.

If you have watched even a few martial art movies, you would know the importance of the right stance in a fight. Your hand should always be up and in a position to defend yourself. Don’t make the mistake of lowering your guard till your opponent is down and out. Keep them up even if you’re tired.

When your hands are up, your opponent will know that you are alert. This will make them think twice before launching a punch. But once your guard is down, you are inviting that one shot in a vital area that can knock you out.

4. Do not allow your opponent to move out of sight

It’s necessary for you to keep your eyes open and watch your opponent’s movements. Your head should be straight and the eyes alert. Never cover your eyes with your hands either.

In reality, there’s no specific point where you need to focus. Just pay attention to the attacker’s movements without staring. That is necessary to look out for openings. With your eyes open and alert, you will also be aware of your surroundings. That will help you to grab a weapon if necessary

Turning your back or side to your opponent can be a big mistake. If you’re up against a skilled fighter, they will take advantage of this moment to launch a quick attack.

5. Do not run or jump while fighting

If you aren’t a trained fighter, you can never be sure how long the fight will last. While many experts suggest attacking first, that’s not something all of us can do during a street fight. So, it’s best to preserve your energy as much as possible.

The best way to do this is to not run or jump around during a fight. If necessary, you can shuffle lightly. Dance around too much and you will run out of breath fast. 

Honestly, I have also seen fighters getting tripped up by dancing too much. That’s the worst way to get knocked out.

Walk around your opponent in slow and steady moves to preserve your energy and show that you are confident. Move fast only when you have to duck or launch an attack. 

Should you hit first in a fight?

Not necessarily. It’s more important to hit your target when you punch.

So, don’t go swinging around like a madman. Launching wild blows doesn’t work in a fistfight. That way you will lose your energy quickly and become more vulnerable. If your opponent is crafty, he will wait patiently before finishing you off.

When you’re against a bigger opponent, conserving energy will work in your favor. The bigger guy might tire out faster than you.

Final Thoughts

So, these are 5 points that you should avoid during a fistfight. Use them as necessary and remember- when you are in a fistfight you need to be confident. Never go in a fight with the thought that you will lose. 

If you’re worried about your security, think about carrying a weapon for self-defense that will give you an edge.

When it comes to a fistfight with no rules, anything can happen. And that’s exactly why they are so dangerous.

No matter how prepared you are, there are too many variables in a fight that you cannot control. And street fights are nothing like the ones you have seen in the movies. Chances are you will be up against more than one opponent. People die in fistfights and you don’t want to spend your years in jail.

In essence, here’s a famous saying that you need to remember- “The best fights are the ones we avoid.” 


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