Top 5 Taser Guns for Women

The primary considerations for any woman looking to buy a stun gun are reliability, ease of use, and power delivery. Do not get distracted by colors and gimmicky designs. Choose a unit that will reliably deliver the disabling power that you need when you need it. Of course, knowing which taser guns are reliable, easy to use, and powerful can be difficult to determine at a glance. That’s where we come in. This article will give you the top 5 taser guns for women and their features to help you pick the best product for your self-defense. 

Things to Know Before Choosing a Stun Gun for Self Defense

Before we get into the top stun guns for women, there are some essential points we need to clarify, so you can get the most out of our top five list. There are two main types of units for electrical self-defense. One is the name-brand TASER unit, which shoots electrodes at the attacker. This allows you to defend yourself from up to 15-feet away. This weapon can disable your attacker completely for up to 30 seconds, giving you time to run away. If the unit fails, you can also use it as a close proximity stun gun. The second type of unit is the stun gun, which comes in various styles. The main idea of the stun gun is to deliver a huge voltage shock to an attacker at an arm’s length away. This does not cause incapacitation. Rather, the pain is meant to cause compliance, deterring further attack and giving you time to run to safety.

When choosing a stun gun, it is important to know the difference between voltage and amperage. The voltage is the potential energy or force of electricity, but the amperage is the electricity itself. So you want a higher amperage stun gun. This is measured in milliamps. A good stun gun will be around four milliamps. Know that a stun gun is not a replacement for self-defense knowledge and training. A determined attacker may not be incapacitated or deterred by a TASER or stun gun. The pain may or may not deter the attacker and give you time to run away. Aim for a sensitive area, such as the face or groin, to better your chances of deterring your attacker. Now that you know the basics, let’s look at the top 5 stun guns for women.

Pulse+ With Smartphone Connectivity

At only 8 ounces, this TASER gun is super light, making it easy to carry in a pocket, purse, or tucked into the waistband of your favorite jogging pants using a holster. This TASER comes with two live cartridges in the box. What makes this TASER stand out is the wireless connectivity to the Noonlight app on your phone. When your TASER Pulse+ is fired, the app will automatically notify emergency personnel and send your GPS coordinates.

When choosing a TASER or stun gun device, one of the most important things to look at is the spread of the electrodes. The electrodes need to be at least 12-inches apart on contact to create an electrical loop that incapacitates the attacker by disrupting muscle control through the central nervous system. If the electrodes land in the same muscle group, then incapacitation will likely not occur.

The TASER Pulse+ has an ideal firing range of 15 feet. This means that at 15 feet away, your attacker is at an ideal range for the TASER prongs to have a high enough spread to achieve incapacitation of your target. The closer you are to your target, the less likely that you will be able to incapacitate the person with the device. Despite this range restriction, there are big benefits to using the TASER Pulse+ gun. Here are some of the features you get with this product.

  • A laser sighting device that ensures that your shot counts
  • With optimal placement, it will incapacitate your attacker for up to 30 seconds, allowing you time to get away and talk with emergency personnel responders.
  • A high-visibility flashlight. This serves to aid in both blinding and identifying a would-be attacker before firing your shot. 
  • TASER guarantees that if you fire your Pulse+ in self-defense, they will replace your weapon for free
  • The TASER Pulse+ can also be used as a stun gun if the cartridge is removed. This means that if your attacker is too close, or did not respond to the initial electrode shock, then you can press the end of the weapon into the attacker’s flesh to deliver a shock.
  • Refill cartridges are available, which could give you an extra shot if you have time to reload There is a good chance that your first TASER fire will not accomplish full incapacitation. If you are able to load in a new cartridge quickly, you will greatly increase your chances of escape and survival.
The TASER Pulse+ brings safety in today’s connected world (Source).

TASER 7CQ Home Defense

This newest TASER is slightly heavier and larger than the Pulse+. However, the power and usability upgrades are worth consideration. For women who would consider carrying a concealed weapon purse or feel the need for at-home security, the TASER 7CQ is a powerful option. This is a professional grade less-lethal weapon, suitable for law enforcement use that is available to private citizens and is priced accordingly. Importantly, this newest TASER is designed to reach the optimal electrode spread even when deployed only four feet from an assailant. This is a critical benefit in home defense and protection during close-quarters assaults. 

Further, the TASER 7CQ Home Defense has a backup shot built-in. This means that if an electrode becomes lodged in clothing or is otherwise rendered ineffective, you have a second chance to defend yourself before needing to reload with a new cartridge. The TASER 7CQ also comes with the other tactical pieces you would expect including:

  • A laser sight to help you aim and hit with accuracy on the first shot. 
  • A high-visibility laser flashlight to help you aim and identify.
  • A non-replaceable battery that will deliver 100 10-second firings before you need to replace it.
  • A right-handed holster. Other holsters and accessories are available online.
  • Incapacitates the aggressor by disrupting the central nervous system and taking away voluntary muscle control. 
TASER 7CQ Home Defense has a backup shot built-in (Source).

Hot Shot Stun Gun Flashlight Combo

This is a sturdy, small little stun gun with a blinding flashlight that can deliver 90 million volts at 4.5 amps. The Hot Shot Stun Gun will pack a wallop with 4.5 amps if the battery is fully charged. The unit includes a battery indicator so that you can be sure to keep it charged and ready to defend yourself. Be aware that using the flashlight feature will drain your battery faster. This stun gun comes with: 

  • It includes a super bright flashlight to help you identify your attacker.
  • It includes a rubberized grip to help you keep control of the weapon.
  • Safety switch to avoid accidental triggers.
  • Red indicator light so that you can know when it is armed and ready to go.
  • Compact size makes it look like a cell phone or other personal device.
  • Can be worn in a holster like a cell phone.
The Hot Shot Stun Gun will pack a wallop with 4.5 amps if the battery is fully charged (Source).

The Runt Stun Gun

Choose your favorite color. This compact little stun gun packs a 20 million volt punch with a 4.5 milliamp bite when fully charged. It also comes with a rubberized grip, so you have better control over where you attack your assailant. It includes a replaceable wrist strap with a safety pin on the end. When this safety pin is not inserted, the unit will not work. This means that when you are using the unit, you wear the wrist strap to keep the stun gun from being snatched from your hand and used against you. If your attacker takes your stun gun from you, the pin will be pulled, and the unit will be rendered useless. This stun gun is backed by a lifetime warranty. If it ever quits working, the company will replace it for you. This stun gun also features: 

  • An LED flashlight 
  • A heavy-duty belt holster so you can wear this unit like a cellphone
  • Prongs making this unit easy to charge in a household outlet

Safety Technology Runt 20 Million Volt stun Gun w/LED Flashlight & Disable Pin - Purple

Bashlite Stun Baton and Flashlight

This unit is disguised as a flashlight. It is advantageous to have a flashlight handy at all times in your purse, bag, or car door. When you are in a dark area, a flashlight is needed to illuminate the way. However, this flashlight can blind an attacker and also deliver a 15 million volt jolt at a super painful 4.7 milliamps. Here are the basic features of the Bashlite Stun Baton and Flashlight.

  • Includes a safety strap with a pin that protects you from vindictive harm if your attacker takes your stun baton. 
  • Made of aircraft-grade aluminum.
  • Has a rechargeable battery.

Using the stun gun flashlight for daily use will drain the battery and decrease the amperage that you get from your stun gun. For best results, keep your stun gun fully charged and at your fingertips.

This flashlight can blind an attacker and also deliver a 15 million volt jolt at a super painful 4.7 milliamps(Source).


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