TP360 Tactical Flashlight Review: Is It Worth It?

The specific use case for an emergency, low cost, and durable flashlight is wide-ranging. As it often happens, when you’re in need of a tool most, is when you don’t have it. Does the TP360 Tactical Flashlight fill the space for an emergency, low cost, and durable flashlight?

The TP360 Tactical Flashlight is versatile. At its current price and capabilities, I would keep one or two in my car and one in an easy to access drawer in my house. Unlike the name suggests, this flashlight is not my go-to EDC or tactical light, but the durability, capability, and universal battery implementation allows this light to be a solid choice for backup and fringe circumstances.

Is This A Tactical Light or Not?

Is this a tactical light? The short answer is, not really. The TP360 “Tactical Flashlight” doesn’t carry all the attributes I would be looking for in a flashlight when dealing with a high-stress or long-duration situation. The ergonomics on this light is mediocre, and this factor alone is enough to kick it out of the pool for many regarding a tactical light. How am I supposed to use this thing effectively if I can barely hold it comfortably?

The brightness of the light may make up for how it fits in the hand, 9000 lumens (so they say) is no joke and really touches on the emergency use case for this light. The blinding capabilities of this light shouldn’t be taken…lightly…and in many situations, this light could be considered nearly too bright! If an emergency situation arises and you don’t have your EDC light on you, and all you have is the TP360 in your glovebox you will likely be able to figure it out, but there are compromises that would make me distrustful of making this my primary carry or tactical light. 

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The TP360 Tactical Flashlight


The Durability of this light truly allows it to become flexible through a gamut of different use cases. The TP360 Tactical Flashlight is Military Grade, allowing it to withstand boiling and freezing temperatures, and the body of the light is constructed from aircraft-grade aluminum alloy.

The head and tail of the light are made of rubber, allowing the most critical parts of the light to be protected from drops and allowing improved shock absorption for the light. The light is technically waterproof, although I wouldn’t take it swimming, probably read this as splash-proof. You can feel confident beating on this light and throwing it around.  

Durability adds value to this light that makes it more useful than an expensive light I need to worry about. This light can be forgotten about and then utilized when you need it, likely after it’s rolled around in your car for 5 months or sat in the junk drawer until your power goes out late one night and you need to use it.  


The TP360 Tactical Flashlight takes four AAA batteries. Although you could buy rechargeable AAA batteries, the use of this battery type is not ideal for many reasons. The longevity of battery life at maximum brightness isn’t remarkable with AAA batteries, and unless you’re using rechargeable batteries you’ll be continually investing in more batteries. 

Personally, lights that utilize high-quality rechargeable lithium-ion batteries are almost always my go-to option for lights. The efficiency differences and ease of use with rechargeability makes this the price to play in the light world for me. The choice of battery for this product alone eliminates it from any type of EDC or tactical uses for me, even when using higher quality lithium-ion AAA batteries. What are AAA batteries useful for if not powering compact “Tactical Flashlights”? The argument for the TP360 being a solid backup or emergency light is still relevant.

The implementation of AAA batteries in this product was likely for cost-saving measures, but it also allows the TP360 more versatility. The benefits of AAA batteries include the standardization of them and the universal nature they bring to the battery world. If you’re ever in need of batteries to power a system, the likelihood of running into AAA batteries is as high as any other type. In an emergency, this fact alone could play a significant role in the effectiveness and usability of this light.

Where to buy it: TP360 Tactical Flashlight


  • Solid build quality.
  • Durable.
  • Good brightness.
  • Versatile Battery.
  • Relatively inexpensive


  • Questionable lumen count
  • Awkward Ergonomics.
  • Inefficient battery. 
  • Questionable reliability from reviewers.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the dimensions of this light?

The TP360 Tactical Flashlight is 6.29 inches tall, the bulb end of the light is 1.96 inches wide and the base of the light is 1.37 inches wide.

 Is this flashlight heavy?

The TP360 Tactical Flashlight weighs in at roughly 10.01 OZ, this doesn’t include the batteries and the final weight will depend on the type of battery you’re using. 

Is this a good EDC flashlight?

The size, weight, and battery choice eliminate this as an option for EDC for me. Generally, a slenderer light is preferred. If you have the room in your pocket and don’t mind the weight and battery choice you could make it work. 


The TP360 Tactical Flashlight is a good valued backup or emergency light to keep within close reach, but likely not on you all the time or as a tactical light. The durability of this light allows for a wide range of potential uses and the water and shock resistance mean you don’t need to worry about it in most situations. The use of four AAA batteries brings a mixed bag of emotions, the value of this flashlight and the versatility help bolster its diminishing qualities. 

The TP360 does raise questions, although people online many have raved about the quality of this light and its effectiveness others have had poor experiences. Some claim their flashlights being “dead on arrival”, and others (including myself) doubt the 9000-lumen claim, although the light does get very bright. 

The TP360 Tactical Flashlight is in a bit of a unique position. There are other flashlights on the market with good quality and features at similar pricing, and if you’re looking for an EDC light, there are many better options. But the durability, versatility, and wide range of strong attributes give this light a competitive angle in the flashlight marketplace at its current price.

Where to buy it: TP360 Tactical Flashlight


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