What Does EDC Stand For?

An EDC gun is one that you will take with you every day. An everyday carry should be capable of protecting your life, and if you carry a gun, you should be trained on how to shoot fast and accurately in self-defense scenarios.

You may turn the tables on an assailant and gain the upper hand if you have your daily carry gun with you and can rapidly use it at the proper time.

What Does EDC Stand For

Carrying it with you is better than off-body carry or putting a pistol in your car since you will only have a few seconds to respond to an assault.

There are three main types of everyday carry guns that will provide the things that you will need for effective protection. 

Compact 9mm Pistols

The compact 9mm handgun may have discovered a happy medium between concealability, firepower, and accuracy. They are big enough to keep under control even when recoiling. They also feature a sufficiently lengthy slide to give a decent viewing radius and a clear sight picture.

With only a little increase in size, firearms in this series can hold more rounds than their micro-compact counterparts.

As a result, they are commonly recommended as a great rifle for beginners. They are small enough to be used as an EDC weapon but large enough to make practice and training pleasant and uncomplicated.

These compact 9mm pistols are small and portable and because of this, they all meet an important rule of an EDC gun, which is to always have something with you.

Micro Compact 9mm Pistols

In recent years, the demand for this type of pistol has grown dramatically. Despite having a small profile and short barrels, all micro-compact 9mm pistols can hold 10 or more rounds of 9mm ammunition.

Their compact size and higher capacity make them an enticing option for an EDC gun; nevertheless, when compared to bigger guns, their smaller size leads to more recoil and inferior accuracy.

Pocket Pistols

These guns prioritize concealability over firepower and are convenient to carry around daily. They do, however, feature small, difficult-to-grasp barrels, which can have a considerable influence on their accuracy.

They are usually chambered in lower-powered cartridges, which might demand the use of FMJ ammunition instead of protective hollow tips. They may not have as much ammunition as other guns, but they are small enough to carry everywhere it is permitted.

What To Look For In An EDC

What To Look For In An EDC

If you carry a firearm, be sure you know how to shoot fast and accurately in self-defense circumstances.

It is one thing to have the greatest possible gun as an EDC, but you must also know how to use it effectively; otherwise, it serves no use, and it may even be used against you if you are not well prepared.

Another thing to keep in mind is to store the gun somewhere you can get to it fast since rummaging for it will waste time and might possibly cost you your life.

Now that we’ve covered the fundamentals, here are some items to think about while shopping for an everyday carry.


When it comes to choosing an EDC, size matters a lot. This is due to the fact that you only have a limited amount of room to store your handgun. 

Handguns are normally available in three sizes: full-size (biggest), compact, and sub-compact which is the smallest. Depending on your tastes, the various sizes provide you with a variety of possibilities.

Smaller handguns are simpler to hide, so if you’re interested in concealed carry, that’s something to think about.


When it comes to EDCs, comfort is crucial, and walking about with a full gun on your hip will just be uncomfortable and even painful after a while and are not suitable for everyday use.

It is recommended that you aim for something light when looking for an EDC. You may accomplish this in one of two ways. The first step, as previously said, is to go for a smaller size.

The second technique to lighten your handgun is to hunt for models constructed of lightweight materials. Polymer-framed handguns, for example, are better suited for daily carry since they are lighter than metal-framed ones. 

The correct gun weight should be chosen with your frame in mind. If your frame is petite, you should usually go for something light.


When purchasing a handgun to keep hidden whilst carrying around every day, magazine capacity should be a key decision factor.

Eight rounds may not be enough to remove a threat in most emergency scenarios. In an emergency, your magazine capacity might save your life; consider that while choosing your EDC.


Most gun owners disregard grip size when buying a firearm. The fact is that not every gun owner has the same size hands.

There are some who have big hands, as well as others who have medium or tiny hands. These various hand sizes necessitate weaponry that is appropriate for them.

When purchasing a gun, look for pistol grips that fit into your hands comfortably. Choose something stable and something you can rely on.


It’s simple to compare prices on any product and then make a selection depending on your budget. However, purchasing a gun is not the same as purchasing a garment or a pair of shoes.

Choosing the cheapest item may leave you worried about its quality and whether or not it will function when you need it the most.


EDC stands for everyday carry which is essentially a handgun that you keep concealed on your person as you go about your daily life.

Not any gun is suitable to be an EDC though as it should be small, lightweight, and have a good capacity as you are not really able to keep a satchel of ammo with you at all times. 

EDC guns are great for feeling protected against threats and even just having it on you can make you feel more comfortable.

Keep in mind though that you should go to plenty of training classes so that you know how to properly use it as this is what matters most.

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