What Is The Hunter’s Most Important Item Of Clothing?

Hunting is primarily an outdoor activity, and a lot of your time spent hunting will not be actually involving game. Animals are naturally wary creatures, especially large herbivores. They are constantly on the lookout for those that may hunt them.

This includes wolves, bears, eagles, lynxes, cougars, and – when you are hunting – you. Therefore, you not only have to keep your hunter’s instincts and skills at peak condition, but your survival instincts as well.

What Is The Hunter's Most Important Item Of Clothing

Since hunting can take place in all kinds of weather and in all seasons, you have to be prepared. This means that you have to not only have the right rations and supplies on you, but also the right clothing.

But what is the right clothing for hunting? And, more importantly, what is the one item of clothing you should never forget while hunting?

In this article, we seek to answer this very question.

Why Is Clothing So Important While Hunting?

Hunting is an outdoor activity, so you have to keep yourself ready for the outdoors. This includes preparing yourself with the right equipment, food and clothing.

Not only will you need to be ready for dangerous endeavors while on your hunt, but you’ll also be able to survive an emergency situation in case one arises.

This is because you should be ready to survive outdoors in all kinds of weather, and all seasons of the year. The right clothing will help you stay comfortable, be protected from the elements, and look and feel your best.

Think about how your clothing affects how you feel. Is it too warm or too cold? Is it too heavy or too light?

This may seem like overkill, but think about it for a second. If you are caught in a storm in the middle of the forest, you will be in real danger.

If you don’t have the right coat or jacket or none at all, you could begin to experience hyperthermia, and if you don’t have good shoes, you may slip and fall, injuring yourself in the process. That’s why clothing is so important.

What Clothing Should You Bring?

When you are hunting, you will be expected to be prepared for any situation. With that in mind, you should bring a minimum of 3 sets of clothing. A set of clothing is basically what you’ll wear for one day.

This will enable you to change into clean clothes after a day of hard trekking, or after taking a shower. To stay comfortable in all weather conditions and conditions, the 3 sets of clothes you bring should be light-weight, moisture-dissipative, and water-repellent clothing.

There are other items of clothing that can make your hunt more comfortable, such as a face mask, hat, and gloves, but as long as the core areas of your body are covered and protected, they are not completely necessary.

To stay protected from the elements, bring a sturdy and light-weight jacket, a pair of sturdy and water-repellent boots, and a pair of sturdy and water-repellent trousers. You can also bring a pair of sturdy and moisture-dissipative socks.

What Is The Most Important Item Of Clothing?

What Is The Most Important Item Of Clothing

There are many debates about the most important item of clothing to bring when hunting.

When hunting, you will be required to be in the outdoors for long periods of time, in other words you will be exposed for a long time. While we may think the human body is pretty good, it is pretty weak when we step into the actual wild.

As such, almost all the following clothing is necessary:

  • A pair of water-repellent boots.
  • A pair of water-repellent trousers.
  • A pair of water-repellent gloves.
  • A rucksack.
  • Socks.
  • A first aid kit.
  • A moisture-dissipative jacket.

And these articles of clothing are definitely worth having:

  • A face mask.
  • A hat.

However, of them all, the most important item of clothing is definitely a pair of good, sturdy boots. This may be shocking to some people. ‘Surely, it’s the rucksack or first aid kit?’ We hear you cry, but no. It’s the boots.

Your feet will be in constant contact with the ground. The ground can get very cold or very hot, depending on the time of year, which will then affect how your feet fell. With a good boot sole in the way, this won’t happen.

Also, the ground is covered in a lot of things. Spikes, thorns, dung, leaves, twigs, sharp stones, and, sometimes, small animals which will react to a giant creature looming over them as anyone would: in fear and aggression.

Without boots, your feet will probably get cuts or abrasions that could get infected and lead to a terrible situation. Boots also allow you to move freely.

This is great because if you lose everything else, you can still make your way to safety in a relatively quick fashion.

Say you are caught in a forest fire, with boots you can flee quickly, but without boots, one step on the wrong rock, and you could have a nasty injury. With a nasty injury and a fire approaching quickly, you would be in serious trouble.

What Clothing Should You Never Bring?

Although the items above are the most important items of clothing, there are some other items of clothing you should never bring while hunting.

A lot of these items of clothing are seasonal dependent and shouldn’t be brought at certain times of the year – for example, in summer you should avoid the heavy hunter’s coats, as these will overheat and slow you down.

Pushing yourself too hard while hunting could easily lead to injury or fatigue issues, therefore you should try to bring light, moisture-resistant clothing. This won’t slow you down or cause problems in certain weather times, while also protecting you.

The other type of clothes you should never bring are very comfy or absorbent clothes. It may be tempting, but just don’t do it. Tracksuit bottoms may be comfy, but they offer no protection from the weather and break easily.

Alternatively, jeans are very durable, but they absorb water easily and will not only make you cold, but also weigh you down.


When you are out hunting, you need to be ready for anything that comes your way. This includes staying protected and comfortable while in the outdoors, which will only happen with the right clothing.

Your clothing should allow you to stay protected from the elements and feel comfortable while doing so.

Boots are the most important item of clothing while hunting, but most other items are necessary as well, so choose what you bring wisely and always ask for advice if you are not sure.

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