What is the use of multi-purpose tool in survival kit? Here’s Your Answer

It is essential to be prepared for emergencies and disasters. Being prepared means having the proper supplies, such as a survival kit. There are a number of items in a survival kit, such as flashlights, first-aid boxes, protein snacks, and more. Among others, you will also find a multi-purpose tool. But what is the use of such tools in survival kits? This article answers this question. Not only that, but you will also learn everything about multi-purpose tools and survival kits.

But first things first.

What is the use of multi-purpose tool in survival kit?

A multi-purpose tool consists of various small tools that can help you perform both the basics and more complicated tasks. By including a multi-purpose tool in your survival kit, you will be able to do everything from building a fire to cutting through metal. 

What exactly is a multi-purpose tool?

The multi-purpose tool is a must for any outdoor enthusiast. You can’t survive without it in the wilderness, and when emergencies happen on an adventure, you’ll be thankful that this small tool was there to save your life.

Multi-purpose tools are designed to give maximum functionality in a small size. These tools may include traditional knives, openers, pliers, scissors, and much more. 

A modern-day survivalist’s best friend is a multi-tool. It can be used for anything from starting fires to fixing your backpack and even building shelters! It is, without a doubt, the most critical tool in any adventurer’s backpacking arsenal. Not just that, but you should also include it within your survival kit.

But before we talk about what multi-purpose tools can do, let us briefly discuss their history.

History of Multi-purpose Tools

The first multi-tool was invented by Bernard Niedermaier in 1979. The idea was to design something that has the basic functionalities of every tool found in a household (but with different sizes). And he succeeded! His creation became known as the ‘Leatherman Tool.’ Since then, numerous companies have made their versions of this ingenious device. 

A multi-purpose tool is quite helpful and it’s also small, which means that you can carry it wherever you go. What’s best about these tools is that they are perfect for camping, backpacking, hiking, hunting, etc. But what else can these tools do? And more importantly, why are these tools ideal in the field of survival? 

Here are some of the important uses of multi-purpose tools:

1. As a knife 

A multi-purpose tool can be handy as a knife. For example, you can use a tool like a knife for cutting ropes and other materials.  Not just that, but you can also defend yourself against wild animals. Apart from this, you can also use the knife in the multi-purpose tool for skinning animals you catch.

2. As a Screwdriver 

This tool is also helpful as a screwdriver with removable bits. You can use it to loosen or tighten other screws so long as they have compatible threads.  In addition, you can also use it as a wedge for opening stuck objects.

3. As pliers 

You can also use a multi-purpose tool like a pair of pliers to cut metal, pull out nails, and grip objects tightly. Not just that, but you will find it useful in situations where you need to cut wires or tie fishing lines.

4. As a can opener 

With the help of this gadget, you don’t have to carry your can opener with you wherever you go.  This tool opens cans, bottles, and even safety pins. You can use this gadget to unlock a variety of objects.

5. As a flint striker 

You can also use a multi-purpose tool as a flint striker for making fire by striking the edge against the steel strip on your flint rod. What you need to do is place some magnesium alloy or cotton ball beneath the object that catches fire from flint sparks and then direct sparks into it using the knife blade of your multi-purpose tool. In addition, you can use magnesium shavings in starting fires, because they produce excellent heat through friction when struck together with steel rods or strikers.

6. As a scissor 

You can also use your multi-purpose tool like a pair of scissors. This means that during a medical emergency, you do not have to carry a separate pair of scissors with you. Instead, what you need to do is cut bandages, tapes, and clothes with the help of your multi-purpose tool.

7. As a wrench 

You can also use this tool as a wrench. What you need to do is hold the handle in one hand and the point in the other. You should then twist your wrist until it turns freely in either direction. This will enable you to loosen or tighten nuts and bolts using its adjustable jaws. Moreover, you can also mount screws on screwdrivers using this tool.

8. As an awl 

This tool is also helpful as an awl. What you need to do is push a metal wire or nail tip into the hole of your multi-purpose tool so that it stands upright on a flat surface. In addition, you can also use this hole for sewing and other purposes if needed.

It should be noted that the uses of a multi-purpose tool will vary from person to person and situation to situation because these tools give you great flexibility. Regardless of all this, one thing you should keep in mind is that a multi-purpose tool is a must-have tool in your survival kit. Your survival kit is incomplete without it. 

A modern-day survivalist’s best friend is a multi-purpose tool. Now, all you have to do is use this tool wisely for your safety and comfort during an emergency. Once you learn how to use it properly, nothing can stop you on your quest for survival.

What else should you keep in your survival kit?

The multi-purpose tool is a fantastic, lightweight addition to your survival kit. Since these tools are small and compact, there are a lot of other items you can keep in your survival kit. Let us take a look at some of them:

1. First-aid kit 

Your survival kit should have a first-aid kit. This kit includes bandages, disinfectants, ointments, and other medications. With the help of your first-aid kit, you will be able to patch up wounds quickly and easily. 

2. Signaling device 

A signaling device is another essential item that you must have in your survival kit. An excellent example of this is a signal mirror which you can use to reflect sunlight towards rescue vehicles or planes so they will notice you if they are nearby. You can also use a signal mirror to communicate distress signals in morse code during nighttime. Apart from this, you can also keep a whistle, a flare gun, and flares in your survival kit. 

3. Firestarters 

You should keep at least one fire starter like a match or lighter in your survival kit. What’s great about these items is that they allow you to start fires quickly and easily, even when it is wet outside, because you do not need any kindling to help ignition. Instead, just strike it against the striker plate on your multi-purpose tool until flames appear, then direct it towards whatever material catches fire quickly.

4. Water purification tablets 

Getting a bottle of water from a nearby stream is dangerous because the water may be contaminated with harmful bacteria. What you need to do is add water purification tablets to your survival kit. These tablets will kill viruses, bacteria, and other contaminants when they are added to the water so it can be purified easily. 

5. Protein snacks

You should also include protein-rich snacks in your survival kit. What you need to do is keep some beef jerky, nuts, or trail mix with you because they are portable and lightweight, so it is easy to bring them anywhere. These items will give you all the nutrition you need. 

6. Compass 

Another important item that can be included in your survival kit is a compass because it will allow you to navigate through unfamiliar terrain easily. All you have to do is point the direction needle on your compass towards magnetic north, then hold it flat so that its protective housing does not act as a magnet that throws off the needle’s accuracy. 

7. Duct tape

Duct tape is useful for a lot of things. This product can be used for almost anything from bandaging up wounds, making repairs on tents and backpacks, sealing leaks on water containers, preventing blisters on your feet, and much more.

8. Flashlight 

 A flashlight is an item that you must have if you are venturing outdoors at night. Moreover, it can also be used as a signal device when there isn’t enough light for your firestarters or flares to catch your attention. 

9. Radio

Radio is another great item that can be included in your survival kit. It is important to get a shortwave transceiver that can pick up AM, FM, USB, LSB, CW signals from international broadcasters. In addition, this tool will also allow you to stay updated on current events and news while staying stranded somewhere. 

10. Personal hygiene products 

Personal hygiene products can provide you with a lot of comforts while you are away from civilization. These products will not only boost your hygiene situation, but the soothing scent will also boost up your mood.

11. Maps

You can also include maps in your survival kit. You need to keep paper maps that are waterproof or laminated, so they are durable. What’s great about this item is that it will allow you to choose the best route once you are ready to make an escape from whatever situation you are currently in.

12. Emergency blanket

An emergency blanket can keep you warm, so you won’t have to worry about the temperature dropping. This product is made from a thin sheet of mylar material which reflects your body heat, so it keeps you warmer than if you were wearing a jacket or coat. What’s even better about this item is that it can be compressed into a small size, so it will fit in your survival kit.

13. Chargers and power banks

It can be difficult to use electrical equipment like your radio and flashlight if you don’t have extra batteries. This is why you need to do is either include a few spare batteries in your survival kit or keep chargers and power banks which you can use to charge the dead ones. 

14. Extra cash

Last but not the least, you should also include a few bills in your survival kit. The extra cash will come in handy to purchase supplies and other materials.

Best multi-purpose tool for your survival kit

After testing out various multi-purpose tools, we realized that there are certain tools that are worth adding to your survival kit.  

1. Victorinox Swiss Army SwissChamp Pocket Knife 

This Swiss-made pocket knife has everything you need. It comes with 33 functions, including tweezers, a toothpick, and a nail file. We like this product because it can be used for making adjustments to your equipment and even as a weapon to defend yourself. This tool is not just small and compact, but it is packed with incredible features that will certainly come in handy during an emergency.

2. Leatherman Supertool 300

If you’re looking for an alternative multi-purpose tool, then your best bet would be the Leatherman Supertool 300 because it has everything that the Swiss Army Knife has, plus more. What’s great about this tool is that it has 28 tools, including screwdrivers, saws, pliers, and even scissors. In addition, this product is slightly bigger than the Swiss Army Knife, so it also doubles as a weapon. 

3. TAC9ER 22-In-1 Wallet Multi-Tool

If you’re looking for a small and compact multi-purpose tool, then the TAC9ER 22-In-1 Wallet Multi-Tool is the best one to go. What’s great about this product is that it has both stainless steel and titanium alloys, making it durable enough to resist wear and tear. 

4. Leatherman Tread Bracelet Wearable Multi-Tool

This is another great multi-purpose tool from leatherman. This bracelet’s great because it has 20 tools, including a knife, screwdrivers, and wire cutters. The best part about this product is that it also doubles as a weapon for self-defense since the titanium alloy used in its construction is quite strong.

5. SOG Multi-Tool Pocket Knife

If you are looking for a multi-purpose tool that has an aggressive design, then SOG Multitool Pocket Knife is the best one to go. The best part about this product is that it comes with 27 tools, including pry bars and screwdrivers which makes it very efficient when it comes to outdoor activities. 

Why is multi purpose tool important in survival kit?

The reason why you should include a multi-purpose tool in your survival kit is that it can help you with various tasks. In addition, these tools are packed with handy features, which include screwdrivers and other tools for building things like shelters, fire pits, and more. This is why it becomes essential to have a multi-purpose tool in your survival kit.

What is the use of tools in survival kit?

One of the most important tools in your survival kit is a multi-tool. Multi-purpose tools come with various handy features like knives, screwdrivers which will help you build stuff, for example, hammers, stakes, shovels, so on and so forth. 

What is the importance of survival kit? 

Survival kits are very important to have in times of emergency. These kits must include all the important items such as a first-aid kit, multi-purpose kit, non-perishable food items, and much more. This means that during an emergency situation, you will have everything that you need right in your backpack. 


A multi-purpose tool is without a doubt one of the most important items in your survival kit. This tool will help you do various tasks such as building stuff and defending yourself. This small tool can serve different purposes, making it a worthwhile addition to your kit. Apart from this, a multi-tool is also a good weapon for self-defense. The best part about these tools is that they are compact and full of useful features. This means that they will not only come in handy but will also take up less space in your survival kit so that you have enough room for other essential items such as food, flashlights, and whatnot.

We hope that this article helped you understand the importance of these magnificent tool kits as well as what is the use of these kits in your survival kit.


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