What should be in a tactical backpack? List Included!

Tactical backpacks are a trending accessory for modern-day survivalists. Of course, the name itself gives it away, but have you ever wondered what goes inside one? This article will answer all of your questions about the different pieces and features that make up this essential tool in any outdoor enthusiast’s arsenal!

What should be in a tactical backpack?

The following are essential items required in a tactical pack: 

  • Hydration packs
  • First-aid kit
  • Protein snacks
  • Shelter
  • Bedding
  • Warm clothes
  • Communication gear
  • Flashlight
  • Fire-starting kit
  • Defense equipment
  • Rope.

What exactly is a Tactical Backpack?

A military backpack is a specially designed, high-tech piece of equipment that enables soldiers to carry more than the average person. It’s often referred to as a “tactical backpack.” Since it looks so rugged and it serves so many purposes, the civilians are also very fond of this backpack. In the great outdoors, civilians use them in a variety of ways, including camping, hiking, backpacking, fishing, and other outdoor activities.

What makes Tactical Backpacks so unique?

Tactical backpacks are unique because they’re multi-functional. As a result of this, tactical backpacks can be used in any type of situation. Their best quality is that they are very versatile. These bags can easily transition from a hiking bag to an emergency response pack.

Tactical backpacks are made from the best material and the highest standards to ensure maximum durability and protection for your belongings. They are also very comfortable to use. Not just that, but they are also designed with the highest degree of comfort in mind. This means that you can carry all your essential belongings without feeling any heaviness or stress on your shoulders!

What Should Be In A Tactical Backpack (List Included)

The best tactical backpack will have many compartments where you can store items according to their importance and weight. This will enable you to place the heaviest components at the bottom of the backpack, giving space for lighter but more fragile things at the top. 

Since these backpacks can carry a lot of different things, we understand that it can be confusing for you to choose what to put inside! So, what we’ve done is that we’ve created a list of items that you must carry with you in your tactical backpack.

1. Hydration packs

The most important thing you need to remember is that you can never go wrong with hydration packs. What these bags do is hold water in a special compartment so that you can drink at any time without having to worry about messy leaks. 

The hydration packs can store up to 2 liters of water and may be readily accessed with a tube connected to the pouch of water. In addition to this, a hydration pack may keep you supplied for up to 72 hours.

2. First-aid kit

The first-aid kit is used to store any essential medications and tools that will be required in case of an emergency. But, you must make that these tools are well tucked away but easy for you to access at all times. The majority of first-aid kits are well-equipped. However, it is important to make sure that the one you have has the following:

* Bandages

* Adhesive pads (gauze)

* Gauze roll/roller bandages

* Burn sheets 

* Eyeshield or pad sterile 

* Blood stopper 

* Tweezers sterilized  

* Antiseptic solution

* Antiseptic wipes

* Instant cold packs

* Scissors

* Sterile needles 

* Disposable gloves (pair)

3. Protein snack

Essential protein-packed foods should also be included inside your tactical backpack. These include beef jerky, trail mix, protein bars, and other high-protein snacks. These foods help you to stay well-energized so that you can carry on throughout the day! In addition, the best part about these foods is that they’re compact and easy to carry. This means that they don’t take up too much space in your bag.

4. Shelter

What shelters are for is for survival situations where you must be protected from harsh weather conditions like rain, snow, or even sandstorms! This will enable you to keep all necessary items inside the shelter while feeling safe without having any discomfort. What we recommend are hammocks (great for camping), tents (ideal if taking shelter in the wild), and bivvy bags (for rocky terrains). 

What’s important is that these shelters are made of waterproof materials to protect your items when it rains. When buying a shelter, you should look out for durability and weight because this will determine how comfortable you are while wearing your backpack!

5. Bedding

A sleeping bag is essential for emergencies where you must put up a campsite in the wild. Not just that, but it will allow you to stay warm and feel protected without having to worry about being vulnerable to any threats from other animals or humans. What’s best about these bags is that they can usually be compressed so that they don’t take too much space inside your backpack!

When choosing a sleeping bag, you should look out for its weight, material, and warmth. We recommend sleeping bags that are made from non-allergic materials that won’t cause itching or rashes while using them! Of course, what’s best about choosing a waterproof sleeping bag is that it will protect you from bad weather conditions.

6. Warm clothes

If there’s one thing you need to remember before going on an adventure, it would be this: Always stay warm! What you need are jackets, sweaters, socks, hats, gloves, etc. Of course, what type of clothing you bring will depend upon the weather conditions outside. For instance, if it’s very cold outside – make sure to have extra layers to keep yourself warm at all times! What this does is help ensure your survival in the wild without catching hypothermia. What’s even better is that you can easily store all this clothing inside your bag! 

7. Communication gear

If you know you can’t avoid trouble, make sure to have a communication device inside your bag. What we recommend are:

* Mobile phone and spare battery 

* Portable radio (AM/FM)

* Two-way radio

What’s great about these devices is that they enable you to signal for help in case trouble strikes! This way, you won’t have problems with being able to communicate with people, especially if you are lost. 

7. Flashlight

Always make sure to have a flashlight inside your bag. This will enable you to see in the dark or in conditions where there’s very little light. Not just that, but they will also help you see objects that are far away, thus enabling you to assess things better! It is recommended to use flashlights with LED bulbs because they’re brighter and last for more extended periods of time. 

8. Fire-starting kit

We understand that not everyone is an expert when it comes to starting a fire using nothing but wood. This is why including a fire-starting kit inside your bag is very beneficial! This will give you the ability to start fires using any materials inside your surroundings. The best thing about these kits is that they contain most of the things you need to make effective fires, including tinder, flint, lighters, or matches! Apart from this, you can use small twigs and wood as tinder because it’ll be easier for the fire to catch on.

9. Defence equipment

Defending yourself can be pretty difficult, especially if you’re outside and there’s no one around. What we recommend inside your bag is a self-defense weapon like:

* Tactical pen 

* Pocket knife

* Stun gun 

These things will give you the power to defend yourself against attackers but make sure to get training before using them! 

10. Paracord and rope

If you’re going on an adventure, always bring enough paracord or rope inside your bag. This will give you the ability to use it as a sling to help carry heavy things, handholds in case you have to climb walls, etc. 

The best part about using a paracord or rope is that they can easily be stored inside your backpack because of their small size. In addition, we recommend those made from polypropylene fibers because they are resistant to rot, mold, mildew, petroleum products, acids, and alkalis. 

What are other items that you can bring with you? 

Now that you know which items you just carry with you in your tactical backpack, it is time to discuss some additional items that you can include in your tactical backpack.

1.  Whistle

A whistle is very important to have with you in any survival situation. This is because it can be used to signal for help! This tool is different from other tools because it can be heard by people even when they are far away. 

2.  Knife sharpener  

A knife sharpener will help you keep your survival knife sharp all the time! Keeping a knife-sharp will enable you to use it for so many different activities like chopping, sawing, carving, etc. 

3.  Compass

Compasses are essential items to take along because they help give you directions when trying to find your way back home or go somewhere else.

4.  Signal mirror

Signal mirrors are convenient because they can be used to reflect sunlight and signal for help. They are small but still very effective! Apart from this, the signal mirror is handy in that you can catch people’s attention even when there are a lot of clouds in the sky. 

5.    Hand sanitizer and mosquito repellent spray

We never know when the next time we’ll have access to water will be, so having hand sanitizer in your bag is ideal. In addition, mosquito repellent sprays can be used to keep mosquitoes away if you happen to be in places infested with them at the time. This way, your camping trip will be free from mosquitos and bacterias.

6.  Iodine tablets

Iodine tablets will definitely come in handy when it comes to purifying water during long trips, especially if there’s no nearby river or stream where you can refill your bottle with clean water. In addition, these tablets can eliminate 99 percent of bacteria and other harmful microorganisms found inside water sources like lakes, streams, etc. 

Tips for packing your backpack

1. Consider the size of your backpack

The size of your bag will depend upon how many things you want to bring because bigger ones can hold more items. What you need to remember is that the heaviness of your backpack should always be lighter than 10% of its total weight; otherwise, carrying it around could give you back pains or, even worse – broken bones. 

2. Pack properly

If you’re aiming for hiking, what we recommend is using bags with shoulder straps instead because they’re easier to wear on longer trips! It is vital to keep your bag organized so you wouldn’t have problems finding anything inside your bag because being disorganized only leads to a waste of time! 

3. Consider weather conditions

It is recommended to use waterproof bags because the contents inside won’t get ruined by water! Apart from this, bags that are waterproof will provide you peace of mind knowing that you can store food and other dry goods without worrying about them getting wet or cold due to the cold climate. 

4. Lighten your load

It is essential to understand that the lighter your bag, the easier it is for you to carry it longer without getting tired.  You must eliminate items that are not useful or necessary for your trip, such as books. 

How to pack your tactical backpack?

One of the most important principles to remember when hiking is that you will be more stable when you keep your center of gravity low. You can achieve this by packing bulky items at the bottom of the backpack and closer to your back. This means that you can pack the lighter items that you need to access more often in the top of your backpack, where it will be easier to reach. You can pack all the food and shelter items in the middle. In addition, you can use the side pockets to pack items such as communication gear, batteries, and much more.

What’s important about this tip is that you don’t overload your bag because if you do, it’ll unbalance and become harder for you to carry around! 

What are tactical backpacks for? 

Tactical backpacks are a must-have for those who need to take their adventure on the go. With features like hydration bladders and external ports, these packs can accommodate anything from water nozzles or radio antennas to earphones, so you’re never without vital gear! 

Are tactical backpacks worth it? 

Tactical backpacks are a fantastic investment for your next outdoor adventure! In addition, these bags will give you everything that’s needed on hikes, no matter what kind of terrain or environment happens along the way. 

Are tactical backpacks waterproof? 

Tactical backpacks are built to be weatherproof, which means no matter the intensity of rain or snow, your valuables will stay protected inside. In addition, these bags come equipped with waterproof zippers to ensure that you always have access to your belongings!  

What should I look for when buying a tactical backpack?

When buying a tactical backpack, consider your needs and the space you’ll need. We recommend that you get a backpack that has compartments and pouches because it’ll help you store your gear in an organized manner! In addition, these compartments can allow easy access to important items such as flashlights, so you don’t have to rummage through the bag each time, which could be dangerous when someone’s around. 

Can I use a normal backpack for hiking?

Although a normal backpack can carry your hiking gear, it is not a great idea to use them for long hikes as it can be quite uncomfortable for you. What makes tactical backpacks special is the fact that they are made especially for hiking, so they can carry everything without feeling too heavy on your shoulders! 

What features are important in a backpack? 

You should look for a backpack that has padded shoulder straps and a waist belt. This will allow you to distribute the weight of your gear across both shoulders as well as your hips! Apart from this, an ideal backpack should be lightweight, waterproof, have multiple compartments, and serve the right purpose for your hike! 


What makes tactical bags so great is bringing everything you need on your adventure, making it easier to carry and stay protected from whatever comes along. The best part about using a tactical pack is that you won’t have to worry about items getting wet or dirty because these bags are designed to keep the environment out! 

We recommend investing in tactical backpacks to make your hiking experience fun, safe, and more convenient. We hope that this article helped you learn what should be in a tactical backpack.

Don’t forget to pack enough gear for at least 72 hours or more if you plan on going somewhere else. However, you should also keep in mind not to overstuff your bag because it can be very hard to carry. 


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