Best Bug Out Bag of 2022 – Complete Reviews with Comparisons

With natural disasters increasing worldwide, it is now necessary more than ever to have a bug out bag available. You need a reliable piece of gear in emergency situations to make life easier for you and your loved ones.

In this review, we will take a closer look at some of the best types of bug out bags available for you. We will also look at the extra features that come with these bags to make your life a bit more bearable in times of emergency.

Keep on reading and find out what you get with this list of great bug out bags for any type of survival situation.

Bug Out Bag Reviews

The 2 Person Family Survival Go-Bag From Emergency Zone

When it comes to the products provided by Emergency Zone, you can expect high quality and expertise you can rely on. This is also the case with this bug out bag coming from a long list of survival kits and gear you can trust.


This bag includes a 118-piece first aid kit that is standard with a professional emergency backup bag. You also have light sticks and a rubber flashlight that will come in handy at night; batteries for the flashlight are also included.

Other survival gear included with this bug out bag is a GI can opener and some rope you may need at some point. For your safety and health, there is a pair of work gloves included with a roll of duct tape to patch or secure things.

To make it a bit easier for you, a water purification kit is included in case you run out of your emergency water supply. You also have 12, 4.2-oz pouches of water to keep you going for the first few hours in an emergency or disaster.

The bag is made from decent materials that will resist water long enough to give you time to find shelter in case of rain. This bag comes with a long five-year shelf life that will help you prepare in advance.

The flashlight is not of the best quality and feels a bit cheap, and this will make you not trust it as you should. You want a reliable flashlight in your emergency bug out bag, so it will cost you extra to have that available.

It has become important that face masks be readily available for increased protection and safety. Unfortunately, none are included with this bag.


  • You have a lot of storage space available in this bag
  • A survival guide is included for your convenience
  • Many external pouches and additional pockets were included for other essential gear
  • Strong and durable construction of the bag


  • Some of the equipment is not of top quality
  • There are no face masks included with this bag

The Elite Emergency Survival Pack From Prep Store 

You get a high capacity and top-quality survival gear included with this bug out bag provided by the Prep Store. All the extras included with this survival emergency pack will allow you not just to survive but to stay in contact with other survivors.


You will not run out of water with the water prep gear and the 2-gallon water bottle that is included. Also included is a reliable water filter pump that will easily clean up 1500 gallons of water in just one session.

For sleeping arrangements, you have as many as three sleeping bags and a mosquito net to keep you comfortable. A 10-liter dry bag is also included to keep important items safe from any moisture, like firewood.

Everything you will need to hunt for fresh meat, including the tools to skin the animal right where you are, is included. For your health, there is a decent first aid kit to keep you protected from unnecessary harm in the field.

You will also never run out of power as there is a solar flashlight to provide light when you need it. A folding solar charger is included to keep your devices fully charged.

This bug out bag from the Prep Store is huge, which is a good thing but not for those who wno’t be able to carry it. That also means the bag is heavy while it is loaded with everything, so whoever carries it will have a hard time.

Also, if you have an emergency bag, it must be able to protect you from cold weather and not just from the rain. This bag will not be good for cold regions because there is no protection against cold nights, which means you will need extra gear.


  • Great survival tools and sleeping gear are included in this kit
  • Can be used for short and long term survival
  • You have plenty of space for extra stuff as there are exterior pockets
  • A solar charger is included with this bug out bag


  • It is a bit large and heavy to carry for smaller people
  • This bag is not ideal for the colder regions

The Premium Family Emergency Survival Bag From Sustain Supply Co

This is what you need to keep your family safe in the case of an emergency or in any worst-case scenario you may encounter. It is also available in different colors and a wide variety of configurations for smaller groups of people or short-term emergency and disaster situations.


To keep the dark away in the case of a duster, you have a lot of lighting included with this emergency bug out bag. You have two LED lanterns, flashlights, and even a fire starting device to get the fire going for heating up food.

There is no short supply of food and water that will last for the full three days this emergency kit is meant for. That is if you are four people; it will last even longer if this bag is used for just one or even two people.

A well-stocked first-aid kit with only the best quality gear is included to give you peace of mind in a time of distress. The eating utensils are made from durable materials to last for a very long time.

Top-quality materials are used to construct this bag to make it outlast any disaster situation. This is a true all-in-one disaster scenario bug out bag to make your life a bit easier in an emergency.

Even though there are some batteries included, you do not get any for the two LED lanterns included with this bug out bag. This means you need to add batteries which will just increase the total cost of this emergency kit from Sustain Supply.

The water pouches you get with the emergency bag are not durable enough to withstand a lot of harsh handling. We all know that not everything goes smoothly in an emergency, and the bag might get bumped or it may drop, potentially leaving you without water.


  • A manual cranking radio and phone charger are included
  • Top-quality essential tools and protective gear are included
  • It has a very long shelf life
  • This kit will last for as long as 3 days


  • There are no batteries included for the LED lantern
  • Water pouches are not very durable and may easily break

The Complete Earthquake Bag From Redfora

This emergency kit is available in a wide range of configurations that can be used by just one person and up to 6 people. The emergency survival backpack comes with most things you will need, including hydration packs, making it an ideal tactical pack.


The color-code organization system of this bug out bag makes it easy to identify what you need at a quick glance to save time. You also have access to a video guide from Redfora to show you how to use your emergency kit to fully prepare you.

It is a complete disaster kit that will provide you with everything you need in the case of an earthquake and any natural disaster strike. Everything you will need to keep you going until the emergency is over is included with this bug out bag from Redfora, and the bag is not over-packed to make it too heavy. This means you will not get tired too quickly if you need to cover a lot of ground to get out of the danger zone.

You have enough water for two people to last for up to trhee days, so you do not need to worry about finding clean water. You also have a contents list included to keep inventory and keep track of items that may expire before you can use them.

The tools included with the first kid are not of the best quality, which includes scissors that do not feel very strong. This is not good if you are looking for a professional kit that will not leave you stranded.

Some people found that some of the lighting included doesn’t work at all. This might not be with all bags from the supplier, but it still is best to test everything that comes with it.


  • This bag is ideal for two people’s survival
  • Some disposable face masks are included
  • Up to 7200 calories of emergency food
  • Strong backpack to keep everything safe


  • First aid kit tools are not top quality
  • Some quality issues are found with this bag

The Ready America Elite Emergency Kit For Four

While this bag is designed for four people, you can also get it in smaller formats for just one or even two people. It is also available in a dry bag configuration or a deluxe emergency kit that is also available in smaller formats.


The first aid kit is lightweight and does not add to the total weight of the backpack, but it is suitable for minor injuries. This is great if the people who need to carry the bag are not big and strong so they can keep their strength to survive.

Food and water that are included with this emergency kit come with coast guard approval. It also comes with a five-year shelf life, so you can be prepared for an emergency far in advance for your peace of mind.

Personal hygiene equipment is also included in the emergency kit to protect you from overall neglect while focusing on survival. You have everything needed to keep you clean and safe from unnecessary exposure to dangerous bacteria and viruses.

Tools that will help to keep you going in an emergency, like knives, a can opener, and a bottle opener, are included with this kit. The bag is also designed in such a way to grant you easy access to the contents to save you time.

The food bars included with this emergency kit are not safe for people who are allergic to nuts. You do not want to create another emergency in an already stressful situation, so safety is a problem with this bug out bag.

The cellphone charger is outdated and not suitable for use with newer devices. This is not good and might be a problem with most of these bags that come with a cellphone charger included.


  • All products included in this bag have a 5-year shelf life
  • It is a small, lightweight, and compact configuration
  • Strong and durable backpack to last for a while
  • Everything needed for an emergency


  • The emergency food bars are not safe for those allergic to nuts
  • Cellphone charger is outdated and not suitable for all modern devices


As you can see, there are some great choices available to select from. All of the above options offer good quality and features, so which you choose will come down to your budget, needs, and preferences.

In this lineup of top-quality bug out bags, we have selected the premium family emergency kit from Sustain Supply Co as it has everything you need. In second place with a slightly lower price tag and available for up to four people is the Emergency Zone Family survival kit.


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