The Best Concealable Bulletproof Vest – Complete Guide

At times body armor needs to be concealed. Concealable body armor is not limited to law enforcement or military personnel. Anyone that wants the added protection can purchase and wear concealed body armor in the U.S. so long as they are not a convicted felon.

The best concealable bulletproof vest is The BulletSafe Bulletproof Vest. This vest is highly concealable. It comes with a level IIIA+ rating meaning it can protect projectiles up to a .44 caliber as well as stabs and slashes. For the comfort, concealability, protection, and price, the BulletSafe Bulletproof Vest is the best concealable bulletproof vest.

Specs:BulletSafe (Best Value)Safe Life Defense (Best Fit)SafeGuard (Most Options)
Protection LevelLevel IIIA+IIIAII – IIIA+
SizingXS-4XL4XS – 6XLS – 4XL
ColorsBlackBlack, White, Desert SandBlack, White
Price$299$449$450 – $800+
Top 3 Concealable Body Armor Vests

Top three options for concealable body armor

While there are hundreds on concealable vests on the market, the top three from our testing, research, and industry knowledge comes down to the vests below.

The BulletSafe Bulletproof Vest – Level IIIA+

Best Concealable Body Armor

The BulletSafe vest comes in the number one spot on the list due to it’s size, weight, price, protection level, and reputation in the market.

As of the time of this writing, the Level IIIA BulletSafe Vest comes in at $299.97 making it the lowest cost vest on this list. Comparable vests can reach prices in excess of $700 for similar characteristics and protection.

Anyone that wants a concealable vest at a low price point with high protection cannot go wrong with this vest. While it has had a high reputation since 2013 when it was released, they have since upgraded the vest further to provider high comfort and concealability while not sacrificing protection or coverage.

This vest comes with a Level IIIA+ which means it can stop projectiles up to a .44 magnum. Level IIIA can confidently stop all major handgun rounds that account for over 90% of shootings in the US.

While this vest stops short of stopping rifle rounds, it does have front and rear plate pockets allowing you to add armored plates for added protection against rifle rounds. This will add thickness to the vest and make it not as concealable, but is an option for those that need protection from rifle rounds.

The “+” designation after the IIIA is not a recognized protection level by the NIJ, but is commonly used among body armor manufacturers to designate added protection against stabs and slashes. Something not all bulletproof vests are capable of stopping.

This vest comes in Extra Small, Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large, 2XL, and even 4XL ensuring you can find a vest that fits you properly and provides the proper amount of coverage.

SizeWeightProtection WidthProtection HeightTotal Protection Area
X-Small4.85 lbs.15.5″14.75″340 sq. inches
Small5.15 lbs.16.25″15.75″390 sq. inches
Medium5.70 lbs.18″15.75″430 sq. inches
Large5.70 lbs.18″15.75″430 sq. inches
Extra Large6.05 lbs.18.5″16″450 sq. inches
2XL6.35 lbs.19″17″490 sq. inches
4XL6.95 lbs.21″18″560 sq. inches
The BulletSafe Bulletproof Vest Weight, Size, and Dimensions.

Concealable Multi-Threat Vest Level IIIA

Safe Life Defense Multi-Threat Vest Level IIIA

The Concealable Multi-Threat Level IIIA vest from Safe Life Defense comes in second on this list for its wide variety of sizing allowing the fit to be more tailored to every user. In addition, the proprietary Self Structured soft armor panels in the vest allow for an extremely comfortable and conforming fit allowing you to wear comfortably for the whole day.

Although this vest is called a Level IIIA, it should be called a IIIA+ due to its added ability to prevent stabs and slashes.

The vest material is Kevlar, also called Para-Aramid. This give the vest a thin profile while remaining strong enough to prevent all common handgun rounds.

One unique selling point of the Multi-Threat Vest is the adition of side armor giving you a large and more complete coverage. With the added 10-point adjustability, you can be sure you will get the vest fitting just right for those extended use senarios.

Most vests come in black and black only, but this vest gives you three options. You can choose between the colors Black, Desert Sand, and even White. These colors give a wider range of clothing they can be worn with while remaining concealed. For example, a white dress shirt would probably be best worn with a white vest to prevent the vest from being visible through the shirt.

The front and back of the vest have pockets to accommodate armored plates for added protection against rifle rounds if needed. While these pockets will typically not be used when your goal is to conceal the vest, it is a nice feature to have if the need ever arises.

Another unqiue selling point from all Safe Life Defence products is their “5 Year Incident Guarantee” where you can get a free replacement vest if you ever get shot in your original vest.

Sizing ranges from 4XS all the way to 6XL making it the widest range of sizing of the three concealable vests we recommend. If you accidentally order a size that doesn’t fit the way you want, you have 30 days to get a free exchange for a different size.

Self structured soft body armor panel and vest
Safe Life Defence Body Armor Sizing Chart


SafeGuard Armor Stealth – Black

At number three on the list, the Safeguard Armor Stealth Vest is the most customizable vest by far. The reason it is three instead of one is due to cost. While the standard vest comes in around $450, making it comparable to the other two options, a fully equipped vest can reach upwards of $800.

So, what parts of the vest can be customized?

For starters, you have the choice of two colors: Black or White. Not giving you as many options as the previous vest on the list, but white and black will cover your bases for 90% of the clothing you would be wearing while trying to conceal a vest.

SafeGuard Armor Stealth – White

Sizing ranges from Small-4XL. One of the biggest differences comes from the upcharge for larger sizes. Up to size 2XL is included with normal pricing, but 3XL comes with an additional $60 charge and 4XL comes with an additional $120 charge.

Sizing ChartSMLXLXXL3XL (+$60)4XL (+$120)
Chest 34″-36″38″-40″42″-44″46″-48″50″-52″54″-56″58″-60″
Bust (women)28″-30″32″-34″36″-38″40″-42″44″-46″48″-50″52″-54″
SafeGuard Armor Stealth Concealed Bullet Proof Vest Sizing Chart For Men and Women

Length can also be customized across sizes. This is perfect for those that might be shorter and rounder, or taller and skinnier making the “regular” lengths uncormfortable. The three options are Short, Normal, and Long.


Ballistic Level can be customzed to either Level II, or Level IIIA. Level II can stop up to a .357 Magnum while a Level IIIA and stop up to a .44 Magnum. Level II comes standard at the base price, and there is a $115 upcharge for Level IIIA.

Blade protection is another feature that can be added to the vest. As it comes standard, it is not rated against slashes and stabbing. For blade protection, Level 1 can be added for $115 while Level 2 can be added for $181.

Level 1 blade protection and Level 2 blade protection offer slightly different benefits, with Level 2 having more overall stopping power.

Blade Protection LevelsLevel 1Level 2
Energy (joules)2450
Velocity5 m/sec7.3 m/sec
Total Mass1.9 kg1.9 kg
Maximum Penetration7 mm20 mm
Knive Level 1 and Level 2 NIJ ratings

Spike protection is another feature that can be added to the vest. As it comes standard, it is not rated against spike attacks. For spike protection, Level 1 can be added for $115 while Level 2 can be added for $181.

Level 1 spike protection and Level 2 spike protection offer slightly different benefits, with Level 2 having more overall stopping power.

Spike Protection LevelsLevel 1Level 2
Energy (joules)2450
Velocity5 m/sec7.3 m/sec
Total Mass1.9 kg1.9 kg
Maximum Penetration7 mm20 mm
Spike Level 1 and Level 2 NIJ ratings

If customizability is what you are looking for, this is your vest. If you are seeking the best value for the money, this is not the vest for you.

Common Questions About Concealable Body Armor

Can body armor be completely concealed?

Soft body armor can be concealed much better than hard body armor due to its flexibility and ability to conform to natural body curves. In addition, soft body armor is normally thinner than it’s hard armor counterpart due to the material in which its made from.
Soft body armor is typically made from a combination of Kevlar and Polyethylene allowing it to be thinner for similar protection capabilities.

Can civilians own Level 4 body armor?

Yes, civilians can legally own any level of body armor. Body armor can be purchased either in person or online. The only exception to this rule is that convicted felons cannot purchase body armors due to their criminal pasts. Body armor also must be purchased within the United States to remain legal and not imported from other countries across the border.

Is it illegal to carry a bulletproof vest?

Within the United States, it is legal to carry body armor either by wearing it or having it in your possession. One exception to this rule is in airports and airplanes. Body armor cannot be worn within airports or on airplanes. It can, however, legally be carried if stowed in a carry on or checked bag.

Is it legal for civilians to wear body armor?

Yes, it is legal for civilians to wear body armor within the United States. All levels of body armor are legal to wear. The exception to this rule is for convicted felons, and within Airports and airplanes. Body armor cannot be worn inside an airport or on a flight. It can be stored in a carry-on bag though.

What is soft body armor made of?

Soft body armor is made of either Kevlar, a para-armid material, Nomex, a meta-armid material, or polythene. All of these materials are flexible and lightweight while still providing an excellent protection against high velocity impacts. Armid (a form of polyamide) gets in strength from having at least 85% of the amide bonds attached to aromatic rings.

How concealable can body armor really be?

Body armor, when worn with the right clothing, can be extremely concealable. Obviously some clothing options will make it more visible than others. Any bulletproof vest, even the lightest weight vests, still have some bulk. Wearing tight t-shirts would not be the best option to conceal a vest, while wearing something like a two-piece suit or large jacket would hide a vest much better.

How much does concealable body armor cost?

Concealable body armor has a wide range of cost starting at $150 and going up to $800+ per vest.

Who makes concealable body armor?

Many companies make concealable body armor, but some of the top manufacturers include: Bullet Safe, Safe Life Defense, Body Amor Direct, AR500, and Safe Guard Armor.

Is soft body armor as effective as hard body armor?

Yes, soft body armor is as effective as hard body armor when comparing the same protection levels. Soft body armor has to be tested to the same standard as hard body armor to gain the same protection rating. Hard body armor can go up to Level IV, while soft body armors are normally limited to Level III.


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