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When you’re looking to reload your rifle or pistol quickly, it can be frustrating as you fondle your way through your ammunition and try to reload with time ticking away.

If you take too long, especially when hunting, your target may have disappeared. There must be a quicker way, right? Thankfully, there is.

A chest rig can help you reload your firearm quicker than ever before. These are a type of bag that contain your ammo and keep it close to your chest for easy access when you need it most.

There are many tactical chest rigs on the market, but the best also have enough space for more mags and other pieces of tactical equipment such as light sticks, flashlights, and other accessories. 

With so many brands and types of chest rigs available, it can be daunting to shop around for the right one to suit you. But, that’s why we are here.

In today’s article, we are going to guide you through the very best chest rigs on the market today.

We have chosen a selection of rigs with the best features, as well as a buyer’s guide on what to look for when choosing a top-quality chest rig.

Let’s get straight into the thick of the action.

Best Chest Rigs Product Reviews

NcSTar VISM AK Chest Rig

We start with this retro looking chest rig from VISM which is perfect for holding AK magazines and additional gear.

Here, we have an AK chest rig that sports a few double AK mag pouches, a sizable stomach pouch for extra equipment, and a couple of utility pouches placed on either side.

You can safely store most of your ammo and more in this excellent chest rig.

When you wear this chest rig, it certainly feels big enough for 30 rounds of AR15 or AK47 mags. But, this is what you should expect from a chest rig.

What is a bonus is the extra utility pouches, as you can store your tools and even food and drink inside.

The pouch on the front of the rig is ideal for keeping different items in, such as maps or small devices.

As it’s thin, you won’t fit any bulky items in the pouch, but this means it won’t stick out too much and impede you in any way.

As for its security, the closure is very firm, so you can rest assured your items will remain safe at all times. You can also adjust the Velcro fasteners to fit different mags in when needed.

Fully adjustable to fit most torsos, this NcSTar VISM chest rig has it all. Compartments for storage and Molle webbing on the shoulders to keep knives or flashlights in.

A perfect lightweight chest rig that will not impede you when in the field.


  • Utility pouches – allows you to store snacks, a water bottle, tools, and more in
  • Capable of storing a maximum of 30 rounds of mags – plenty of room for your mags, so you can reload quickly and easily
  • Lightweight – easy and comfortable to wear, as well as being adjustable to fit different people and fit different mags


  • Single stitched – not the most durable chest rig on the market 

Condor Recon Chest Rig

Next up is a favorite among many firearms users. This Condor Recon chest rig can hold up to six M4 mags as well as six pistol mags.

These are kept in its durable mag pouches that are similar to that of a kangaroo’s. Not only are these pouches big enough for these mags, but you can also fit different tools and flashlights in if required.

Also included with this chest rig are shoulder straps. These boast webbing, a D-ring and robust padding for long-lasting and comfortable use.

You can even add another Molle pouch if needed, to carry more gear.

We love the mesh pocket found on the inside of this Recon chest rig. This is ideal for keeping your valuables such as your wallet and keys secure when out in the field.

Whether you’re running or jumping, these pouches sport closure flaps as well as elastic bands, so your items are safe at all times, 

You can easily adjust this chest rig to suit any body type. So, if you need to wear a heavier, thicker jacket one day, you can adjust this rig to fit over with ease.

And, the waist size can be changed between 30 and 60 inches, so you shouldn’t have many issues in this department. 

One drawback is the elastic retainer bands, as these are known to be a bit of a nuisance when trying to put your magazine back or replace it with a new one.

But, apart from that, this chest rig has everything you could want! 


  • Fully adjustable – can adjust the waist from 30 to 60 inches and the overall fit if required
  • Comfortable – thick, padded shoulder pads feel great, and the whole kit is comfy to wear
  • Interior mesh pocket – can keep your valuable safe and secure at all times


  • Awkward elastic bands – these can interfere with you when replacing mags

Condor MCR6-498 Tactical & Duty Equipment

We’re sticking with the Condor brand with this exceptional MCR6-498 Tactical & Duty Equipment chest rig.

Constructed from a thick, durable cordura material, this chest rig has strong stitching for long-lasting use. The buckles installed are also of top-quality for extra security.

You can hold up to six magazines in this chest rig, and its close fit to the body means it is easy to access and comfortable to wear.

As for its adjustability, the long straps with Velcro on their ends allow you to customize the rig to suit your body shape and become more comfortable if needed. 

Also included are hooks, so you can add more gear to the chest rig. And, there is a zippered compartment to keep documents or maps safely and organized. 

Overall, this is a supreme, lightweight chest rig and is great value for money. If you often perform tactical drills in tough conditions, this chest rig should hold up well.


  • Durable – strong stitching and Cordura material means this should last a long time
  • Adjustable – can easily adjust this rig to fit all types of body shapes and sizes
  • Lightweight – very comfortable to wear for long periods of time


  • Can be a bit loose – some customers have found the fitting t be a bit looser than advertised

Helikon-Tex Range Line, Training Mini Rig

The Helikon-Tex Range Line chest rig is fantastic at keeping your magazines safe and secure at all times. You can also store further accessories for added convenience on tactile missions.

This mini rig is excellent at keeping your mags remain in place thanks to its four fixed pouches. So, if you’re running widely, you don’t have to worry about your magazines falling out.

The flaps built-in to the rig are adjustable to suit any magazine you want to carry, from AK to AR types. And, when you want to draw your mags, it couldn’t be simpler. Even replacing them is a breeze!

The additional pouches sewn in allow you to store extra gear if required, and its two very large zippered pockets are handy for keeping valuables in, such as cell phones or flashlights.

When it comes to customization, the three Velcro panels included are very welcome. You can easily attach different accessories thanks to these, such as morale patches.

Moreover, it feels comfortable, no matter how much you’re carrying, especially on the back and arms. This is mainly down to its H-strap harness. 

There’s so much to like about this chest rig. While the shoulder straps lack padding, it still feels comfortable to wear over long periods.


  • Good color choice – many users opt for the shadowy gray option as it looks stylish and goes with most clothes
  • H-strap harness – reduces stress on the arms and back
  • Easy to draw as well as replace magazines – close to the chest for easy access


  • No padding on the shoulders – although comfy, the lack of padding can be felt after a while 

OneTigris Tactical Chest Rig

Our final chest rig on the list today is this minimalist example from OneTigris. With its simplistic pouch design and lightweight nature, this chest rig is ideal for anyone looking for a basic rig that does the job well.

Versatile is the name of the game with this rig, as it can be worn in numerous ways. Therefore, it should fit most body types.

Whether you’re on the range or in the field, this OneTigris chest rig is ideal with its internal, secure pockets and rust mag pouches.

With four top pockets that are open, two pistol mag pockets (enclosed), and a front pouch, you can fit a range of magazines as well as other supplies into this rig.

As we mentioned, you can wear this rig in multiple ways. It can be utilized as a chest rig, or you can disconnect the back panel to fit it onto a load-out vest.

As for comfort, the shoulder straps are fully padded and, even with extra gear attached, it is comfortable and lightweight to wear. 

Also included are Velcro straps for further customization. There is also Molle webbing found on the main pouch’s front and by the shoulder straps.

So, if you want to carry certain supplies, such as a knife or medical kit, this Molle webbing will keep it secure at all times. 

Just one thing to point out, however. The pouch in the center can be a little too small to store larger items, such as some trauma gear. It’s best suited for your keys, wallets, or cell phone, but the rest of the rig is of great quality. 


  • Versatile – can be used as a chest rig or attached to a load-out vest
  • Lightweight – easy to wear and carry round the range or field
  • Included Molle webbing – adds security and sturdiness to keep your items safe


  • Center pouch is a little small – can’t fit larger items in

Buyer’s Guide

Now we have looked at our selection of the best chest rigs on the market, let’s explore some of the factors that go into choosing a top-quality chest rig.

We have set out the features to look for in a chest rig, so you can make an informed decision on what suits your needs best going forward.

Storage Capacity 

All rigs come with different storage capacities. Some only come with Molle webbing, whereas others have this as well as pouches and pockets.

For the best functionality, we recommend finding a combination of both. The pouches are ideal for storing your magazines in, while the Molle webbing can secure additional supplies. 

The chest rigs above all have mag pouches on their front as well as webbing for extra gear. There are also some options with interior pockets, so you can store valuables such as phones and keys. 

The more compartments you have, the more prepared you will be in emergency situations. If it’s a life or death situation, you will stand a better chance with more pockets for more supplies.

We suggest opting for a chest rig with enough pouches to store all essentials in and for easy loading of magazines. 

Shoulder Straps 

Shoulder straps and their construction are important for any marksman. If the straps are too big, your chest rig may be hard to use in certain situations.

But, if the straps are too thin, you may not be able to carry heavy loads. 

There are two types of harnesses when it comes to chest rigs – H and X. while you can wear either type, one may suit you better than the other.

A H harness is better at distributing weight more evenly. Therefore, if you have a larger frame, these may be the better option.

H harnesses are generally easier and more comfortable to wear as well. They don’t ride up your neck as much, but can rub behind your arms and armpits on occasions. 

The X harness contains basic straps that criss cross on your back. These are perfect for rigs that are lightweight.

They offer better chest and back support compared to their Y counterparts and are better suited to smaller frames. But, if you wear armor with this rig, you may find that it rubs against your neck.

What harness type suits you is your preference. Just ensure it is made stronger with stitching, so it can support your magazines and supplies securely. 


The majority of chest rigs are constructed from nylon fabric such as Cordura or ballistic. Cordura tends to be lighter than ballistic nylon, but ballistic is typically stronger. 

Cordura feels more casual to wear and looks more like canvas, whereas ballistic nylon has a smoother finish. 

Both materials share heavy-duty properties, making them ideal for tactical chest rigs. But, if you want a stronger, more durable rig, go for one with a higher denier count such as ballistic nylon. 

The Size

Most chest rigs don’t have specific sizes. Instead, one size tends to fit all.

Most come with adjustability and customization features to fit different sizes of people easily. You can usually adjust chest rigs via the waist straps or shoulder straps.

Make sure your rig has adjustable shoulder straps, so it doesn’t slip when in action. And, when it comes to the waist, this usually ranges from 30 to 60 inches. We recommend trying one on before buying.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Magazines Can You Store In A Tactical Chest Rig?

In general, a chest rig can hold around four large magazines at a minimum. Many can hold more than this, but this depends on how many mag pouches are attached to the rig. Some chest rigs have separate magazines for pistols and AKs with approximately 6 to 8 slots on average. 

Should I Wear A Chest Rig Or Plate Carrier?

We recommend wearing a chest rig if your aim is to only carry tactical gear and supplies such as tools and magazines.

On the other hand, you may want to defend yourself from gunfire or shrapnel. If so, a plate carrier is the better bet, as this can support a piece of armor. 

What Material Are Most Chest Rigs Made From?

Typically, a chest rig is made from heavy-duty, durable nylon fabric. More often than not, this is 500D nylon.

However, some chest rigs are constructed using elastic material as this can reform into its original shape, even after encountering a hit from something. 

Heavy-duty nylon chest rigs are deemed to be the best and most reliable on the market. Therefore, we recommend investing in one of these. 

Is It Worth Getting A Chest Rig?

We believe so, yes. They allow you to store your mags, supplies, and essential items with ease. Best of all, they are accessible at all times, so you can reload and replace your magazines quicker.

Find a top-quality chest rig and everything will become easier. And, it can help take pressure off your neck, arms, and back.

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