11 Energy Bars with the Most Extended Shelf Life

Food is a fuel that every individual needs to run. If you don’t eat it, you don’t store it! In addition, during catastrophic times, you need a lot of energy to tackle unforeseen circumstances; hence, carefully packaged non-bulky energy bars with longer shelf lives & easy to open lids are all for your aid.

Some energy bars with a shelf life of five years are millennium bar, mainstay, energy bar by Kates, BEEYOND bar, SANS PB, KIND, SKRATCH, Pure protein, RXBAR & power crunch bar. Majorly they are gluten-free, low in sugar level, protein-rich & healthy diet-friendly with no added preservatives, fake flavours or taste.

To serve you with the right amount of nourishment in times of need, here is a list of eleven energy bars with the most extended shelf life.

1. SOS food labs vanilla Millennium bar

SOS Food Labs SOS-Vanilla-1 Millennium Bar 400-Calorie Vanilla

Millennium energy bar comes in nine great-tasting natural flavours (Apricot, Blueberry, Vanilla, Cherry, Coconut, Lemon, Orange, Tropical fruit & Raspberry). Each packet consists of a fortified bar with a low sodium quantity to keep you less thirsty & provides you with 52 grams of carbohydrates.

The best part is that the millennium bar has a shelf life of 5 years. Also, since they hold up to the heat very well, they do not mould or bend in high temperatures. Finally, they are about a candy bar size, making them ideal for school, office, & home kits.

2. Mainstay Survival Bar- 1200 calorie

A portion of excellent food for any disastrous situation, Mainstay 1200 calorie survival bar will provide you with all the energy you lack. SOS food labs have carefully manufactured it keeping it enriched in vitamins & minerals. Along with being non-thirst provoking, it can also withstand temperatures of -40 F to 300 F. It is cholesterol & tropical oils free with a remarkable shelf life of five years.

3. Kates real food organic energy bars

If you are a fruit lover, then here’s a perfect energy bar for you. These organic energy bars not only provide you with necessary dietary fibres but also contain heart-healthy soy proteins. In addition, it can help you eliminate variable diseases as it is rich in Vitamin E.

Kates organic bars are gluten-free, available in finger-licking distinct flavours, filled with wholesome ingredients & have a shelf life of five incredible years. Kates make real food to serve you with energy on the go.

4. BEEYOND bar, variety pack an energy bar

Well, here comes an energy bar that can satisfy your sweet tooth completely. The ambience of honey & sesame seeds add an extra kick to an explosion of flavours. It provides you with on the go energy enabling you to perform your daily tasks with enthusiasts.

BEEYOND bar is inspired by the diet & lifestyle of Medieval Greek Olympians. Hence, giving you an energy bar with no gluten, simple ingredients, no added preservatives & increased shelf life of five years.

5. SANS PB & J meal replacement energy bar

SANS PB is an incredible example of munching a complete meal on the name of a snack bar. Its healthy & nutritious ingredients are what makes it a complete meal. Eating SANS PB keep your body awake & youthful. It is supplemented with 14 elements. Added ratios of micronutrients & high protein make it easier for someone who enjoys eating high proteins snacks.

6. KIND Energy

These energy bars contain 35% less sugar than the leading energy bars manufacturing brands. Sustained energy from whole grain is incorporated in KIND energy bars. They come in two distinct flavours, which are chocolate chunks & dark chocolate peanut butter. In addition, KIND energy bars are categorized as nutritionally dense, gluten-free & contain Kosher snacks that boost your energy.

7. Pure protein energy bars

If you are a workout person, this energy bar is categorically made for you. The addition of protein via this energy bar will boost your athletic stamina & increase your muscle strength. Along with a promised great taste, it also comes with a low sugar component, which will fuel your fitness. Pure protein energy bars are available in 4 flavours, each with different benefits & qualities of its own.

8. SKRATCH LABS anytime energy bars

Skratch labs use real food starting from scratch to manufacture sports nutrition. This product will never cause you gastric stress because it has no added preservatives, artificial sweeteners or colours. Instead, it keeps you full & ultimately fueled. Skratch energy bars are available in two flavours of cherries & pistachios.


RXBAR is a high protein energy bar & can be taken at any time of the day. If you are obsessed with your healthy lifestyle, they will help you maintain it in a better way as they are guilt & gluten-free. It comes in six flavours & each bar contains 4-5 g of fibres. Grab it now before it runs out of stock.

10. VERBs Double chocolate caffeinated energy bars

These double chocolate energy bars are delicious energy snacks with perfectly balanced energy levels. It is a low calorie, low sugar high nutrition bar. Don’t worry if you are on a diet because VERBs are diet-friendly. Besides green tea organic caffeine, they also use gluten-free oats, organic agave, organic crisp brown rice, Himalayan salt & light brown sugar. They are perfect keto-friendly snacks too.

11. Power crunch whey protein energy bars

Power crunch bars are perfect protein snacks made up of 13 grams of proteins & only 5 grams of sugar. They are straightforward to digest since they are made up of high-DH hydrolyzed proto whey proteins. You can now quickly satisfy your cravings while working from home or elsewhere. What else can be better than a snack that is light plus delicious?

So what are you waiting for? Above mentioned energy bars are great alternatives to a healthy meal. So Grab some energy bars & along with storing them for sudden calamities, boost yourself with energy today too.


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