3 Problems with the Ruger PC Carbine You Should Know About

Ruger PC Carbine

When Ruger released the PC Carbine in late 2017, it generated high expectations among gun enthusiasts, and fortunately, it lived up to those expectations. However, like any firearm, there have been a few noted issues that users have encountered. In this article, we will discuss three common problems with the Ruger PC Carbine and provide guidance on how to address each one.

The first issue is the Failure to Eject, which occurs when the spent casing fails to properly eject from the firearm after firing. This can lead to malfunctions and hinder the firearm’s reliability. To address this problem, it is recommended to thoroughly clean and lubricate the PC Carbine, paying close attention to the extractor and ejector components. In some cases, replacing or upgrading these parts may be necessary for improved ejection performance.

The second problem is the Failure to Feed, which happens when the PC Carbine struggles to load a new round from the magazine into the chamber. This can result in misfires or feeding malfunctions. To remedy this issue, ensure that the magazines are clean and in good condition. Additionally, inspect the feed ramp and chamber for any obstructions or debris that may impede the smooth feeding of ammunition. If necessary, polishing the feed ramp or replacing worn-out magazine springs can help improve the feeding reliability.

The third complaint is the Trigger Fails to Reset, which means that the trigger does not fully reset after a shot is fired, causing the firearm to be inoperable until manually reset. This can be frustrating and impact the speed of follow-up shots. To resolve this issue, first, ensure that the trigger components are clean and properly lubricated. If the problem persists, disassemble the trigger assembly and inspect for any worn or damaged parts that may need replacement.

While encountering these problems with a new firearm is disappointing, it’s important to note that most issues can be easily identified and addressed. If you are unable to resolve the problem using the information provided in this article, Ruger’s customer service is known for its excellence and will be happy to assist you. You can access the Ruger Customer Service Department through the provided link if you require further assistance in resolving any issues with your Ruger PC Carbine.

About The Ruger PC Carbine

The rise in popularity of a pistol caliber take down rifle was met head on by Ruger, in the PC Carbine. Comparable to the Ruger 10/22 take down model, it can be easily transported or stored away in a small space, yet has the stopping power of 9mm ammunition. The PCC features interchangeable magazine wells. Included are the Ruger SR Series mag well and the Glock mag well(fitted for any of the 9mm doublestacks). Take down is simple and straight-forward, pushing a lever forward and twisting the barrel off with the bolt in the open position. The fluted barrel measures 16.12 inches and comes threaded. Charging handle and magazine release are ambidextrous and can be moved to either side to suit your personal preference or needs. Trigger components are similar to the 10/22. Equipped with adjustable ghost ring rear sights and fixed front sight, both mounted forward of the receiver. Half inch spacers at the recoil pad and buttstock allow for adjustment in stock length to fit your reach. Recoil is reduced in this model by the heavy tungsten dead blow weight that shortens the bolt travel, providing for less muzzle rise and quick target acquisition. Picatinny rails provide for further customization and attachments. Specs listed below.

  • MODEL NUMBER: 19100
  • Stock Black Synthetic
  • Capacity17
  • Barrel Length16.12″
  • Overall Length34.37″
  • Front Sight Protected Blade
  • Rear Sight Adjustable Ghost Ring
  • Barrel Feature Threaded, Fluted
  • Thread Pattern1/2″-28
  • Weight6.8 lb.
  • Length of Pull12.62″ – 14.12″
  • Receiver Material Aluminum Alloy
  • Receiver Finish Type III Hard-Coat Anodized
  • Twist1:10″ RH
  • Grooves6
  • UPC7-36676-19100-0
  • Suggested Retail$739.00

There is really a lot to love about this gun. It’s always important to note, when you are having malfunctions with a new (or newly modified) gun, that most new firearms require a bit of a break in period. A majority of users report absolutely no issues straight out of the box, which says a lot about the quality of Ruger products. Ruger, like any other serious gun manufacturer, has a reputation to uphold. Their customer service department is willing to troubleshoot and replace parts, as needed. With that being said, let’s look at 3 problems with Ruger PC Carbine you should know about.

Pistol caliber carbines deliver better accuracy, velocity, and recoil control than their handgun counterparts—while feeding from the same magazines you already have. The Ruger PC Carbine delivers that “one-round” capability, along with the expertise that comes from making pistol carbines for nearly 60 years…far longer than most other manufacturers.

Problems/ Solutions

Problem 1: Failure To Eject

One common problem encountered with the Ruger PC Carbine is known as a “stove pipe.” This occurs when the spent casing is not properly ejected and becomes lodged in a vertical position, preventing the bolt from closing. It is the most frequently reported issue with this firearm model. While there can be various causes for this problem, users have found two solutions to be effective.

Ejector: If you are using the Glock magazine adapter provided with your purchase, it has been identified that forcefully slamming the magazine into the well can bend the ejector, leading to the malfunction. However, very few problems have been reported when using the Ruger mag wells and magazines. If the issue arises with the Glock assembly, you can remove the ejector from the Ruger adapter and use it on the Glock adapter. Some users have successfully bent the ejector back into proper alignment without any further issues.

Extractor: In several cases, it has been observed that the extractor does not grip the cartridge with sufficient force after firing, resulting in a weak pull out of the chamber. Some individuals have addressed this by filing down the extractor to enhance its gripping ability. However, it is important to note that manually altering the internals of your firearm is generally not recommended unless you are a licensed gunsmith. If you are not comfortable performing such modifications yourself, an alternative approach is to upgrade to an aftermarket extractor. M*Carbo offers a range of upgrades for the PC Carbine, including the Exact Edge Extractor made from A2 Tool Steel. This upgraded part offers a better design and greater durability compared to the original extractor.

It is worth noting that if you experience any issues with your Ruger PC Carbine, it is advisable to seek professional assistance from Ruger’s customer service or a qualified gunsmith. They can provide further guidance and ensure that any necessary modifications or replacements are performed safely and effectively.

Problem 2: Failure to Feed

This problem occurs when the next round fails to feed into the firing chamber. In most cases, this was also seen in conjunction with the Glock set up. While most double stack 9mm Glock magazines work fine with the PC Carbine, some of the larger capacity magazines are seeing issues with failing to feed the last several rounds. This can be attributed to not having enough spring tension in the magazine to push the cartridge up into place. It is advised to use newer magazines, if you are having this issue, or replace the springs in your magazines with heavier ones. Inspect the Feed Ramp. It’s always a good idea, if you’re having feed issues to make sure the path from magazine to chamber is smooth and debri free. Polishing the feed ramp is a common step taken to ensure a smooth transition. It has also been noted that upgrading the extractor will make for smoother bolt action and help with any feed issues. So, the Exact Edge Extractor could be a fix for both Failure to Eject and Failure to Feed problems. Below, Hickok45 troubleshoots problems and gives feedback on his experience with the PC Carbine.

Problem 3: Trigger Fails to Reset

This problem occurs when a round is fired and the trigger does not reset to fire the next round. This is very rare, but for those experiencing it can be very frustrating. It is likely due to faulty or weak trigger return spring. Some people have seen success with removing the spring and stretching it slightly. As with some of the other solutions mentioned above, there are also after-market trigger assemblies available that will resolve the issue. If you have an unreliable or faulty trigger mechanism, it is advised to contact Ruger and have them guide you. This could easily present a safety issue and should be taken seriously. The following video shows someone having issues with trigger reset and ended up having multiple discharges from a single trigger pull.


Indeed, experienced shooters understand that malfunctions are an inevitable part of shooting, especially with frequent use. Dealing with problems and troubleshooting is an essential aspect of becoming familiar with your firearm and its internal mechanisms. Developing knowledge and understanding of your firearm is crucial for being prepared in worst-case scenarios. It is far better to encounter and address issues during range practice sessions, where you have the opportunity to learn and become acquainted with your firearm, rather than being caught off guard when you rely on it in a critical situation. If you are currently experiencing any of the three mentioned problems with the Ruger PC Carbine, consider it an opportunity to increase your understanding and expertise with your weapon. By actively troubleshooting and seeking solutions, you can enhance your knowledge and ensure that your firearm functions reliably when you need it most.

M*Carbo Mods for the Ruger PC Carbine

M*Carbo offers a variety quality aftermarket parts for your Ruger Pc Carbine. This Veteran owned company specializes in making your firearm more accurate and more reliable. They believe in providing their customers with quality made products made right here in America. And what’s not to love about all of that??

All In One for the Ruger PC Carbine

A message about M*Carbo from the Founder…


Below are Links to common mods for the PC Carbine from M*Carbo

Ruger PC Carbine Muzzle Brake

Ruger PC Carbine Extended Charging Handle

Ruger PC Carbine Extended Magazine Release

Ruger PC Carbine Flat Trigger

Ruger PC Carbine Exact Edge Extractor

Ruger PC Carbine Shock Buffer

Ruger PC Carbine A2 Tool Steel Bolt Head Pins & Extractor Pin Kit (9mm Only)

Ruger PC Carbine Stainless Steel Trigger Group Pin Kit


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