What is a Bug Out Bag

You may have heard someone mention or talk about bug out bags and wondered what they meant. Maybe the events currently going on across the world may have increased your interest in emergency preparedness.

But somehow, you have been postponing the idea of having a bug out bag. Well, whatever your reason, now is the time to act by understanding what you need in this pack and why it’s essential to have one.

So What is a Bug Out Bag?

You need to pack a survival kit to help you manage when you flee your home due to an emergency situation. The bag contains all the survival gear to protect and help you survive the next 72 hours. With this in mind, you need to read on to find the emergency supplies of a bug out bag and the reason you need to consider the weight of the bug out bag, compatibility, and waterproof items.

Checklist Items for a Bug Out Bag

A bug out bag should contain essential items to cater for the hours you are away and may not access your home. Below is the checklist for a survival backpack in the case of a crisis or emergency.

Emergency Kit

Your emergency kit must contain the necessary medical supplies to help you survive and manage in the event of a disaster. The first 72 hours are crucial and matter most for your survival. A medical kit can help you treat any wounds or illnesses that you may get while you’re away. A basic kit should contain hand sanitizers, medical gloves, cotton balls, petroleum jelly, Band-Aids, sunscreen, antiseptic wipes, and prescriptions.

Water and Food

When a disaster strikes, access to your grocery store may be impossible. You need to ensure you have non-perishable foodstuffs and clean drinking water in your bug out bag to help fuel you with nutrition and energy. Canned foods, nuts, breakfast bars, and peanut butter jars are easily portable and full of nutrition. Staying hydrated is also crucial, and you need water purification tablets and a water filter that you can use to collect water when your water supply is over.

Warmth and Shelter

Your bug out bag is not complete without warm and dry garments to protect you from a cold climate and weather. These may include emergency blankets, ponchos, gloves, hand warmers, bandanas, pants, and dry clothes. In addition, you may want to have a lightweight survival tent and a sleeping bag to cater to outdoor sleeping conditions for shelter purposes. Exposure to cold and bad weather conditions may make you uncomfortable or worsen your emergency.

Toiletries and Sanitation

Access to things that keep you safe and clean may be impossible during a crisis, and maintaining sanitation means you need a backup plan. To achieve this, add some wet wipes, toilet paper, masks, sanitizers, condensed soap, small toothpaste tubes, and a toothbrush. If you’re a woman, ensure to add tampons, menstrual cups, or pads in your pack bag.

Important Documents

Include a copy of your ID, driving license, passport, notebook, medical history, and road maps in a waterproof package. This will keep the documents safe from water damage and dust. Make a list of your family or friends’ contact or addresses that you can access and contact when away from home. Depending on your preparedness plan, cash is a good option as banks may not be operable.

Firestarter, Cutting, and Survival tools

If you find it challenging to start a fire, you may want to acquire the skill. As simple as it may sound, it’s considered a survival tactic when you find yourself in the woods. Fire will keep you warm and act as a flashlight. A multi-purpose item like a spork is essential, as are a field knife, portable stove, and survival tools like a fishing kit, duct tape, signal mirror, zip ties, pliers, and some pepper spray. A portable solar charger, glow sticks, rechargeable batteries, and whistles are essential during this time.

Emergency backpack equipment organized on the table

Why do you need a Bug Out Bag?

When war, terror attacks, or any other sort of natural disaster strikes your home, there are minimal chances of packing up and getting everything ready. Therefore, it would be best to drop everything, act first, and get yourself to safety. Keeping your bug out bag ready will save you time, worry, and confusion on what to pack and carry.

Below are reasons why you need a bug out bag.

Keeps you Prepared

Having a three-day basic emergency supply kit ready prepares you for any situation that may kick in and keep you away from your everyday living. All you have to do is grab it and you’re sure you will be able to survive the next three days.

Saves Time

When you find yourself in an emergency to leave home, you have very little time to get everything essential ready. But having a bug out bag takes a few minutes to get you out of any situation, which increases your survival to safety.

Helps you Learn What is Crucial

The checklist of a bug out bag enlightens you to prioritize what is essential, which can help you in the future when planning for camping or a holiday.

Provides Peace of Mind

Having the proper equipment guarantees that your family is well cared for and can sustain them until help arrives. This gives you assurance and peace of mind.

It’s a Low-Cost Investment

This means you have no excuse for not having a bug out bag. You may use items from your home like ziplock bags for essential documents. In addition, you can ensure your partner and kids have a bug out bag which may increase extra supplies for a longer time away.

Additional Emergency Supplies

These can help if you have your bug out bag ready. You can get some supplies from it if you run out of something while indoors and then refill it later.


A bug out bag is essential for any active prepper as disaster is unforeseeable. When it occurs, you have no time to pack the necessities rather than get yourself to safety. With the proper checklist, packing a bug out bag is simple and helps you avoid fluffing your bag with unnecessary items. Proper planning helps you invest in quality items that are less likely to fail when you need them.


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